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If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, in addition to your physical pain and suffering, you may feel overwhelmed by having to deal with medical bills, insurance companies, damage to your vehicle and many other concerns. We truly understand that a car accident can be life changing and are sorry for your pain and stress.

In addition, you may also be feeling stress from:

  • Not knowing which attorney to choose or being frustrated with your present attorney.
  • Emotional pain from the sadness and exhaustion you are physically going through, as well as doubt about what happens physically, emotionally and mentally in the future.
  • Overwhelming feelings of uncertainty/ many unanswered questions:
  • Who will pay for my medical treatment?
  • Who will pay for the damage to my car?
  • Who will pay for my loss of time from work?
  • Will my insurance rates go up?

While your pain is unique to your life and circumstances, you are not alone.

What lies ahead?

  1. Get Well- Getting yourself physically and mentally healthy must be your top priority. The Quality and consistency of your medical care is of utmost importance.
  2. Understanding the road: If someone hurt you, they are responsible for compensating you (usually through their insurance company). That process goes through the following stages:
  3. Medical treatment with a physician who understands both, how to appropriately care for you AND how to document your injuries because insurance companies will claim that you are not hurt or that something other than your accident hurt you.
  4. Attempting to settle your claim.
  5. Commencing a Law Suit and litigating your claim to compensate your for your pain and suffering, medical bills and any other losses you’ve suffered.

You need a competent attorney with a proven track record to help you.  We have helped thousands of car accident victims all over the State of New Jersey.  We pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation with courts across NJ.

You need a law firm that is:

  • Caring- A firm that genuinely empathizes with what you are going through and understands how your life has been impacted by this car accident.
  • Urgency-an understanding that time is of the essence, that your life should not be put on hold one moment longer than it should and that achieving a result for you cannot wait.
  • Aggression- the courage to pursue truth and justice for you relentlessly.  A lawyer who believes that your interests are primary and above the lawyer’s, adversaries and court’s interest.

We are only one of 2 law firms in America with Two top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014 and 2016 ( 33 million and 27 million in cases we were told we had NO chance). We recovered 50 million dollars from insurance companies last year. We’ve settled many multi-million dollar cases, and thousands of far simpler cases for our clients.  We have taken cases all the way up to the NJ Supreme Court in pursuit of our clients interests and won.  We obtained a 300.000 jury verdict on a case which typically settles for $15,000-$25,000, after the defendants refusal to offer a settlement.

Would you be willing to meet with us to see if we are what we say? We would be honored to have the opportunity to prove ourselves.  We understand your pain and injury may make it difficult for you to come to us, we would be happy to come to you.

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