How Can I Prepare For A Child Custody Trial?

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How can I prepared for a child custody trial?


How Can I Prepare For A Child Custody Trial?Let’s talk about preparing for a custody trial in New York. One of the most emotionally charged aspects of separating from your partner or your spouse concerns your child. Tragically, children are caught in the middle of parents who are battling things out, who are divorcing, who are separating, or who are no longer together. Now, we at Callagy Law are relentless in working to mitigate those negative impacts of separation on your children. We will work with you, guide you through your case, advise you of your rights regarding custody and other issues, and help you to ultimately meet the goals that you have regarding your children.

When you’re preparing for a custody trial in New York, there are certain things you may want to keep in mind. Before the trial begins, you should try to anticipate what the other party, typically the other parent, is going to be raising in support of their side to help you prepare for what you will be doing as part of the custody trial. You should also work closely with your lawyer in order to collect whatever the relevant evidence is that you intend to use in your custody case prior to going to trial. There are specific rules as to how you can obtain, and maintain, and use that evidence, so it is very important that you work with your attorney in making sure that’s all done correctly.

There is no requirement in New York that you use a guardian ad litem or a custody evaluator; however, some judges may order the use of some of those types of individuals in an effort to aid the judge’s decision regarding custody in that relevant case. However, in the event that does happen, you will want to certainly comply with whatever the judge orders. If the judge orders that you cooperate with one of these individuals, you certainly will want to do so. Also, depending on the circumstances in your case, you may want to think about hiring an expert of your own and to utilize their opinion, their report in aiding you in achieving the results that you’re looking to get in your custody trial.

Now, it’s also unlikely in New York that the court’s going to require that your child appear in the custody trial. Generally, the courts see it as a potentially traumatic experience for your child to have to appear in court itself. However, the are certain circumstances where the court may require that a private interview occur between the judge and the child which is called an in-camera interview. Those occurrences are less common and only really come up under certain circumstances.

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