High Conflict Custody Cases

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How should I prepare for a high conflict custody case?


High Conflict Custody CasesI want to talk to you today about high conflict custody cases. Unfortunately, we see a lot of these cases in what we do. A perfect example of that is a case I had recently in where the mother was diagnosed with a mental disorder. She was moonlighting in a gentlemen’s club. She was actually having Facetime calls with her daughter while she was changing in between her shifts as a dancer.

When we found that out, we had to immediately run into court to seek supervised parented time, to suspend parenting time, to ask for custody evaluations, to get guardian ad litems appointed, and a whole host of other things that happened in this crazy case that I had to deal with. When you have a high-conflict custody case, you have to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect your children, to protect your best interest of your children. You have to be prepared to have custody evaluations, to have therapists appointed, to have guardian ad litems appointed, to do whatever is necessary in court to make sure that your children are protected.

At Callagy Law, we are prepared to do that. If you’re having custody issues, if you’re in a high conflict case, please give us a call or email us. We can help your family, and we can help protect your children’s rights.

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