Determining Who Pays For College After a Divorce

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Will we have to split our child’s college costs after our divorce?


In New Jersey, parents’ contribution to college costs is either agreed upon or can be determined by the court. It is a little bit of a strange situation that if you’re in an intact family, you and your spouse can pretty much decide how much, if anything, you’re going to contribute to your children’s college education. In a divorce process, however, if there is a disagreement as to that, then the courts will ultimately decide.

There are a number of factors and case law involved, but it really comes down to, A, how much each parent can afford and, B, what college the child is going to go to. People that are making 30, $40,000 can’t be expected to pay $75,000 a year in college expenses. The courts have a number of different remedies, including having the children apply for as much financial aid, loans, grants, and scholarships as possible to defray the cost, but, in general, it’s always best to settle these cases.Determining Who Pays For College After a Divorce

In many cases, when people get divorced and the children are very young and the future is unclear, we state that in or around the junior year of high school the parties should discuss and attempt to agree and maybe go to mediation on this issue. At the end of the day, if the parties disagree, the courts will decide. They may even have a plenary hearing on the issue, a trial to determine who has what money available to pay for college. There is the potential for the court to obligate parents to pay for college education expenses, even in those cases where the parents might not normally contribute if they were in an intact family.

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