Determining Residential Child Custody

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Do the courts favor the mother in a child custody case?


In New Jersey, there is no preference whatsoever between mother and father in child custody cases. All of our statutes are gender-neutral. It is the court’s and the state’s public policy that both parents are treated exactly equal, but obviously every custody case is case-specific.

If we have a 13-year-old child and mom has done everything for this child, including raising the child, bathing the child since he or she was a baby, taking care of all of the schoolwork, all of the extracurriculars, and dad was never home, then, of course, mom, in that case, would have a greater likelihood of having residential custody. That doesn’t mean that dad was uninvolved voluntarily, however, and dad may be more in the child’s life. Determining Residential Child Custody

In general, there is zero preference based upon gender as it comes to deciding custody and parenting time. In fact, the courts have in the last couple of decades moved from favoring mom as custodial parent to considering each parent perfectly equal in the eyes of the court.

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