Determining Car Accident Case Value

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How do you determine the value of my car accident claim?


You might be wondering how the value of a car accident injury claim is determined in New Jersey. There ares many factors that go into the evaluation of the value of the injury in a car accident claim, including, of course, the nature of the injury, the type and length of treatment, and the liability aspect of the case— how did the accident happen? Who’s at fault? Is it 100% liability or is it 80/20? The value also relates to the damage on the vehicle, as well as the effect on a person’s life, lost wages, etc. Determining Car Accident Case Value

There are a number of factors that go into evaluating the value of a car accident injury claim. That is why it’s very important to know that no one can make a proper evaluation very early on. A lot of times clients want to know what their case is worth, and that question should not be answered. If any attorney answers that question very early on, without knowing a lot of these factors, that’s just going to be simply not accurate. There are so many things that go into it, and it is important that the car accident victim documents the effect of the accident on their life. We always tell clients to keep a journal of what’s going on in their lives, how it’s affecting them, the time lost from work, etc.

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