Cost to Pursue a Car Accident Claim

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How much will it cost to pursue a car accident claim?


When clients come in who have been injured as a result of car accidents, often they’re concerned about the fees and costs associated with pursuing a personal injury car accident claim. In New Jersey, typically, the fee is a contingency-based fee. This means that the client paying a fee is contingent upon the attorney’s ability to get compensation for you. If the attorney doesn’t get any compensation, you don’t owe a fee. In addition, at Callagy Law, we advance the costs associated with prosecuting the personal injury claim. Cost to Pursue a Car Accident Claim

There are costs associated such as filing the complaint, retaining experts, costs for depositions, and other costs. We advance those costs so you don’t have to pay a penny out of your pocket. Technically, there may be some attorneys who require those costs paid, but, certainly, here at our office at Callagy Law, we advance those costs, prosecute the claim, and attain compensation for you. After that, our fee is 33 1/3%. If we don’t attain compensation for you, you pay nothing. That’s typically how it works.

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