Collecting Back Child Support

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How can I collect back child support?


A lot of times, we have clients come in and say, “I’m owed $15,000 in child support,” or “He or she hasn’t paid child support in over a year, and I’m owed $25,000.” I’ve had cases that have come in where the child support arrears are in the 50, 60, $75,000 range. It’s difficult to get that money paid back, especially if you have a person on the other side that is unemployed or between jobs or is out of state and you’re trying to collect on an out-of-state. The New Jersey probation department has a system where they try and collect these arrears. You can go into court, take your former spouse into court, and get in front of a judge and say, “He owes me $25,000 in child support arrears. I want it paid.” The judge is going to ask a lot of questions, and they’re going to send the amount that you have to pay towards that arrears. Collecting Back Child Support

If it keeps going on and on, the state has many mechanisms to enforce. They can suspend driver’s license; they can suspend passports; they can freeze tax return refunds and have that turned over to pay arrears. They can incarcerate somebody that owes enough child support arrears and not paying them and put them on work release. That is the ultimate enforcement mechanism because nobody wants to go to jail, but that happens quite often. If you’re not paying your child support and you owe substantial arrears, you could very well find yourself in jail and on work release until you can make payments towards those child support arrears. There are enforced mechanisms, and we get that a lot in what we do.

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