Child Support During College

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Is it possible to reduce my child support payments if my child goes away to college?


I wanted to talk to you today about an issue that comes up quite a bit. It’s child support that a parent has to pay when the child is actually going away to college. A lot of times, the clients will come into me in this situation and say they are looking to reduce child support because their son or daughter is going to live away from home at college. I have to tell them, unfortunately, that there is no presumption that the child support will actually be reduced just because your son or daughter is going to college.

There’s a whole host of expenses or other factors that a court will consider when child support is an issue. When a child is moving away and going to college there are other expenses. In fact, there is case law in the state of New Jersey which say that the support for a child living away at college actually increases when that child was in high school and living at home. They consider such things as transportation at college, transportation to and from college, meal plans at college. They consider entertainment expenses at college, dues for organizations, fraternities, or sport organizations. They consider things like small appliances to set up a dorm room, linens, furniture, clothing expenses, so any number of things that you might be able to imagine that would actually increase the support for your child when they live away to college.

Child Support During CollegeThere is no presumption that your child support is going to be reduced. I have to explain that to my clients when they come in. The best thing that you can do is if you are paying child support, and your son or daughter’s about to go away to college, see an attorney. Make sure you understand all of the expenses that are going to be incurred for that child. Have a list of those expenses so you can speak with your attorney, and detail it, and understand whether or not you actually will be entitled to a child support reduction for the child that is going away to college.

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