Child Preference in Residential Child Custody

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Will the courts allow my child to choose where they live?


Custody and parenting time issues in New Jersey are very sensitive and involve a lot of factors. One of those factors is the preference of the child when of sufficient age. However, that’s a floating scale because some children at age 12 or 13 may have sufficient reasons and are more mature than a 16-year-old who may say they want to live with dad because he lets them play X-box until four in the morning. Every case is specific, but the child’s preference is a factor.

Generally speaking, the older the child is, the more weight that that child’s preference will be given. Certainly, a six-year-old coming in and saying, “I want to live with mom or dad,” is not going to be given that much weight. Conversely, a 17-year-old who just got his or her license and is going into his or her senior year of high school and says, “I really want to live with mom or dad during the week, and then I’ll go see the other parent on the weekend,” is going to be given a lot of preference.Child Preference in Residential Child Custody

We always try to settle these cases first. We always try to work it out with the other side. If not, we try to go to mediation. As a policy, the court is going to refer this to mediation, so we try to skip going to court and go right to mediation, but sometimes people don’t want to respond. If we say our client wants more custody because the child prefers to be there and the other parent just ignores us, then we have to file the motion. The court may refer us to mediation. If mediation fails, we go to court. The court will set it down, most likely, for a hearing, again, taking the children’s preference as consideration. The older the child, the more mature the child, the more weight that child’s preference is given.

We are involved with these types of matters all the time. In fact, I have a case right now, that’s pending, where the high school-aged boy wants to live with mom full-time. He doesn’t get along with dad, has had some physical altercations with dad, and wants to go to a different high school, a private high school. We’ll see how that resolves itself. We’re fully willing to negotiate, fully willing to mediate, but we’re also very prepared to file the motion and have a hearing on this.

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