Why Not #8 – Why Not Thank The Mets and My Dad? November 2, 2015

Why Not #8 – Why Not Thank The Mets and My Dad? November 2, 2015

Heart breaking. Our Mets were up 2-0. The Dark Knight was dealing on the hill. 9 K’s and a shut out into the 9th. All I could feel was that Matt Harvey was about to erase an up and down year of emotions for Met fans based on pitch counts, Scott Boras and the idea of money being too closely involved with the purity of the game. 3 outs, and it was a game to go into the annals of Mets history.   It wasn’t to be.   I was there with my 70 year old dad and 16 year old son. We waited for the gates to open to go into Citi Field. We spent 8 hours there last night. We relaxed and ate in the Promenade Club, explored the Mets Hall of Fame recalling the Magic of ’86 for my dad and I, the Miracle Mets of ’69 for him, and now we were here to watch the miracle of ’15, this one for all 3 generations to hold together in our hearts forever.   We sat in stunned disbelief as the final strike was called in the bottom of the 12th. To care is also to hurt at times.   My most proud moment of the night was sitting next to my 70 year old father and hearing his words in the bottom of the 12th as the Mets trailed by 5 runs. When the Royals recorded the second out, Met fans streammed out of the stadium, not wanting to watch the end of our season.   My Dad sat there and said, like in “86, we start with 2 outs. It brought tears to my eyes.   What makes sports great, its greatest, is exactly that. It is when we believe when there is no basis to believe. To me, it is the greatest part of our hearts and souls.   In 1986, the Mets staged what is known as the greatest and most improbably comeback in World Series history. My dad and I were there in box 113A, in the front row. I wept as a 16 year old as I truly learned to believe in miracles. In some ways, the improbable nature of that incredible night and victory that formed a part of my belief about the world and the way things can miraculously happen for the good.   I knew, and I mean knew, it would be that way now for my son, as he was 16, just like I was when I learned to believe in miracles (the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team helped as well!).   When it was over,   My friend asked me, “So how do you put a positive spin on this one?”, referring to the Mets losing the World Series.   My answer was simple, “I don’t ever put a positive spin on anything. Maybe I’m just blessed to process reality differently.”   Huh?   Here is what I take away from last night: I will remember the 12th inning of Game 5 of the 2015 World Series as fondly as I remember my favorite professional sporting event of all time’s greatest moment, which is the 10th inning of Game 6 in 1986.   I will remember it because as fans grumbled heading to the exit, I sat with two of the people I love most in the world and as our  hearts were breaking together, my Dad, at 70 years old still had the courage to believe.   I hope and pray that lesson taught my son more than the miracle of ’86 taught me.   My friend, that’s my “positive spin” on last night.   In your service, Sean Callagy   You can see all of our WHY NOT – HUDDLE videos by clicking here and subscribing! If you have questions about any of the content you see or to have your questions answered on an upcoming show by Sean, please email your questions directly to him by clicking here.

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