Many NJ Hospitals Still Missing Revenue Opportunities

Many NJ Hospitals Still Missing Revenue Opportunities

In the current environment, hospitals are facing an inordinate amount of uncertainty about the future.  Indeed, the Affordable Care Act, among other things, has redefined what it means to provide appropriate medical care.  The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 has required extensive preparation in all areas of hospital billing, reporting, and revenue recovery.  The mergers and acquisitions taking place nationally as well as in our home state of New Jersey compound the anxiety.  As a result of these changes, hospitals are understandably preoccupied with the numerous issues surrounding compliance, information technology, and resource management.  Perhaps because of this preoccupation, many New Jersey hospitals continue to miss revenue opportunities in the areas of MVA (PIP), Worker’s Compensation (WC) and even Commercial Insurance (CI), at a time when new revenue streams would help alleviate any financial pressures.  While many New Jersey hospitals are reaping the financial benefit of having a law firm aggressively pursue their New Jersey PIP and out-of-network WC and CI claims, many still are not. While it is impossible to predict the revenue potential at any particular hospital without first seeing the nature and extent of any un-pursued claims, it is safe to say that we are talking about hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of dollars in revenue opportunities, and that is significant to any hospital’s bottom.  The dollars at stake are sizable enough to make the issue worthy of any CFO’s attention. Any hospital that has not historically pursued PIP arbitration and/or out-of-network WC and CI litigation against insurance carriers not only stands to gain significantly going forward, but also is likely to have a backlog of claims that are still ripe and can be pursued.  These claims might even be written off.  But as long as they are within the applicable Statutes of Limitation, and are otherwise not barred, they can be filed and aggressively pursued by Callagy Law. The best news is Callagy Law will provide the resources necessary to do so.  We will audit your claims, identify those worth pursuing, print and assemble all of the relevant records, front the filing fees and costs, and aggressively advocate on your behalf.  You pay nothing out-of-pocket and only a contingent fee percentage when appropriate (NJ PLIGA, WC and CI), and even that does not have to be paid until you receive payment from the carrier. Occasionally, something comes along that sounds too good to be true.  This is one of them, but the difference is that this one is indeed true—just ask the New Jersey hospitals that utilize Callagy for their PIP and out-of-network WC and CI recovery.  At times I hear about an upcoming hospital fund-raiser and the hospital’s hope that it will raise $5,000 or $10,000.  The fact of the matter is that one ER PIP claim through arbitration or one settled out-of-network WC or CI claim could recover a similar amount at no risk whatsoever to the hospital.   Click here to see what makes Callagy Law different.   Learn More About Callagy Law Here: Avvo Vine Pinterest Indeed Yelp LawNearMe Wikipedia Website

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Sean Callagy is the Founder and President of the 100 Plus Team of Callagy Law, which is now in 4 states. He is one of only 2 attorneys in America to have Two Top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014-2016. Sean is the leader of a medical revenue recovery team that has recovered over 50 million dollars in 2017 and more than 300 million dollars for healthcare providers in unpaid…...

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