Game of Thrones: TV vs. Books

Game of Thrones: TV vs. Books

I am a former Game of Thrones-book reader who is now solely a Game-of-Thrones-TV show watcher.  I tried to keep up with the reading of each 700+ plus page book prior to each new season airing and eventually, I just stopped.  I guess I gave up. But, I’ve found that no longer attempt to keep up with the reading, I’ve enjoyed the TV show so much more.  I have to give credit to the show for being the best on-screen book adaptation, both visually and with the characters.  However, now I can enjoy each scene as it unfolds, instead of anticipating what will come based on what I read or being disappointed that the story strayed from the original in the books.  I don’t have to spend time wondering if changes to the stories and characters of the books were for the purpose of better storytelling or just for better “TV.”  Most importantly, I get to be surprised when main characters are killed off or others are taken far off as assumed path.  The greatest example of this for me was the Red Wedding – which would not have been at all shocking to me if I had finished the books.  Bottom line, I can easily find three hours on a Sunday to binge-watch Game of Thrones, but don’t try as hard to find the time to read the books.  The bright side of enjoying the TV show more as a result is some comfort to my failed dedication to becoming a more avid reader.

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