Disclaimers and PIP Insurance Benefits

A PIP insurance policy will likely include language requiring the insured to cooperate with an investigation concerning a claim filed for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident.  An insurer will have the right to seek information, but this right is not unfettered.  The principal case in this area is New Jersey Auto. Full Ins. Co. v. Jallah, 256 N.J. Super. 134 (App. Div. 1992).  The Court held that discovery disputes are subject to ordinary standards of reasonableness and fairness.

What then is “reasonable and fair”?  This often arises when someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, but does not have their own PIP insurance.  In this instance, the patient may seek benefits under someone else’s policy.  Let’s say the patient was a passenger in a vehicle when an accident occurred, and files a PIP claim under the insurance policy of the driver of the vehicle.  The insurer will likely want to conduct an investigation to make sure there is not another PIP policy that would be primary in such a scenario.  For example, if that patient lived with a relative at the time of the accident, and that relative had PIP insurance, that policy would be primary to the driver’s policy.  An insurer would have the right to conduct reasonable discovery to determine answers to this line of question.

Do not ignore mail from your insurance company!  A PIP insurer may request that you appear for an Examination Under Oath (“EUO”).  If you receive a letter from the insurer requesting that you appear for an EUO, read the letter.  If you have an attorney handling a liability claim concerning the accident, promptly provide a copy of the letter to that attorney.

Next, determine if you are available at the time requested for the EUO and if you are able to appear.  If you have a conflict, let the insurance company know you are unavailable at the time requested.  You should provide such information in writing, and in a way you can someday prove that you did respond to the insurer.  If you agree to an alternative time with the PIP insurer, make sure to keep this appointment.  If something happens and you cannot appear for this EUO either, make sure you contact the insurer (again in a way that can be confirmed someday) and reschedule another time.

It is important to recognize a failure to cooperate can result in a disclaimer of PIP benefits.  If this happens, the patient will be responsible for the bills incurred pursuant to the New Jersey PIP fee schedules and regulations.

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