4 Divorce Recommendations For You

Are you or a loved one in the divorce process and have questions? Read our 4 divorce recommendations for you, then contact Callagy Law today.

1) The First Step in the Divorce Process

4 Divorce Recommendations For YouIn general, the first step in the divorce process would be filing a complaint for divorce. In many cases, however, we want to attempt a settlement before we file the complaint for divorce. In those cases, what we would do is send a letter to the spouse, stating that we represent the client and that we would like to engage in settlement negotiations prior to filing a complaint for divorce. In some cases, the spouse gets an attorney or even represents him or herself and engages in that process. In many cases, that other spouse does nothing, at which time we do start the complaint for divorce process, which is gathering the facts and simply filling out the necessary paperwork and filing the complaint for divorce. Then we have to serve it on the spouse and go by the court guidelines and the court time frame.

2) What to Bring When You Meet with Your Divorce Attorney

At a minimum, we usually request that you bring in recent pay stubs, any information you have about your spouse’s earnings – if you have access to pay stubs – your last filed tax return, if possible the last three filed tax returns and sometimes, depending on the nature of the divorce case, I’ll ask them to prepare an outline of the issues involved in your case and concerns. At a minimum, on the finances, we ask for pay stubs and tax returns. During that initial consultation, we will then go through the issues and the facts of your case, and we will normally request them to gather and provide other documents.

3) Why Hire A Divorce Attorney?

We talk all the time about people making decisions based on emotion and not logic. If you do that in a divorce case, it could be fatal to your outcomes. Hiring a divorce attorney can give you objective advice and provide you with a number of solutions that you could never think of before. It can help navigate you through the divorce process and the paperwork that is overwhelming in a divorce case and can make sure that the outcome is reasonable and fair for you, so that the other side is not taking advantage of you or your emotions. 

4) What Should I Look For In A Divorce Attorney

You need to be looking for a divorce attorney that’s caring, urgent, and aggressive; a divorce attorney that’s going to put your interests above all else; a divorce attorney that understands fundamentally the emotions that you’re going through and can be able to manage those emotions and control your expectations to make sure that you’re getting the outcomes that are reasonable and fair; a divorce attorney that is not going to let another side or another attorney take advantage of you or impose upon you unreasonable and unfair demands; and a divorce attorney that is going to walk you through all of the paperwork and the process that can be overwhelming at times.

Are you or a loved one in the divorce process and have questions regarding our 4 divorce recommendations for you? Contact an experienced family law attorney at Callagy Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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