Support Payments if a Child Changes Residency

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Can I modify my child support payments if the child changes residency?


In a New Jersey case, if children or a child goes from one house to the other and changes residency on a permanent basis, it is absolutely a change of circumstances which warrants a review of child support. Let’s just say it’s a case where there are two children. They were living with mom and visiting dad, and now they’re living with dad and visiting mom. That’s absolutely a change of circumstances. At the very least, dad would stop paying child support and, most likely, receive child support from mom.

Obviously, the analysis has to be done as to who makes what and what the earnings are. Obviously, if dad’s making $10 million, he may not be receiving child support from mom who’s making $50,000. In more ordinary cases, where people are earning normal incomes, whether it’s W2 or business income, you do have to look at the income. At first, we would run the child support guidelines – but in reverse – of the custodial parent, but absolutely, positively, probably the biggest change in circumstances is a change of residency of a child, which requires a review of child support.

These types of issues happen all the time, even when parenting time changes. Sometimes people have arrangements where dad or mom has only been seeing the children on weekends and now they go to a 50/50, even then, that’s kind of a change of residency. It’s not a full change of residency, but, even then, child support would be affected and we’d have to review it.

Here at Callagy Law, we take care of these issues all the time. We usually, A, try to work it out with the other spouse, if not, we file a motion with the court, and the court helps us resolve the case. Absolutely, a change of residency warrants a review of child support.

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