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New Jersey Divorce AttorneysIt’s heartbreaking when the dreams a couple shared for their marriage end in divorce. This stressful life transition can leave you emotionally and financially vulnerable.

If you’re reading this, you may be contemplating or in the middle of a divorce. You may feel emotionally exhausted and worry about the impact of the divorce on your children. You’re also likely worried about how the divorce will impact your financial future. You are probably wondering who to turn to for help with your divorce.

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New Jersey Divorce Client Story

On a breezy afternoon in Paramus, Denise Walker sat on the rocker in the screened in porch of her small Cape Cod with her favorite coffee mug. It said simply, “Mom,” with a small handprint to either side, one red and one purple. Ron, her husband of twelve years, had given it to her for Mother’s Day half a dozen years before, when the children were just toddlers. Each handprint had been contributed by one of her babies at one of those places you can make your own mugs and plates.

The mug was old, and the handle had a chip in it. But to Denise, it was priceless. A tear slid down her cheek as she rocked and sipped, thinking about better days.

Denise had just told Ron she wanted a divorce. She shook her head, remembering the look on his face. She may as well have slapped him. He’d never believed she’d do it. And technically, she hadn’t yet. But when he looked at her, he knew. Her eyes had changed; she was done.

Ron was understandably upset. Very upset.

She’d called Ron home from the office to tell him, so the kids would be at school, just in case.

He didn’t hit her; never had. He’d always brought home his pay and been a good provider. Hard worker. But he was cold. And when he got angry, he seemed to forget that she was worthy of respect. In truth, the relationship had died a long time ago; maybe even before they’d had kids. They’d gotten married so young. Deep down, she now knew that part of her knew they were on rocky ground even as they’d walked down the aisle.

Looking back, Denise admitted to herself that maybe she’d somehow thought kids would cement their tenuous bond. It hadn’t. She was tired and she was done. Done being treated like a piece of furniture. And twenty minutes ago, she’d taken a shaky break and told him she wasn’t going to change her mind. She needed more. Wanted more. Deserved more.

Realizing he couldn’t coerce Denise into changing her mind, Ron threw his toiletries, two pairs of jeans, three T-shirts, and a handful of socks and underwear in his old college duffel bag and stormed out, shouting insults as he stalked to his truck.

She’d be sorry, she’d beg him to come back, she wouldn’t get a dime. She was so stupid; she’d be helpless and homeless without him. No one would ever want her.

It was the hardest moment she’d endured yet in her life, but she’d used every ounce of will to stand her ground. Now it was done, and she just felt empty.

She’d texted her sister Ashley to come over as soon as he’d left, to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid, like run after him sobbing and apologizing. Ashley was only seven minutes away. She could keep from doing something stupid for seven minutes, couldn’t she?

Rock. Sip. Rock. Sip. Another shaky breath. “Yay, me,” Denise said aloud in a small voice as her confidence began to quickly slip away.

The breeze was picking up now; time soon for one of those heavy spring rains that makes everything smell clean again. Denise breathed in the smell, willing her ears to forget Ron’s shouts that lingered in her mind. She didn’t realize her hands were shaking until she heard her sister’s silver Prius rolling up the driveway and turned to set down her mug.

As she stood up, Ashley bounded from her car and onto the porch and lifted her little sister into a bear hug. That’s when Denise lost it. They stood there for a long time as Denise cried. Finally slowing down, Denise sobbed, “What am I going to do now?”

Ever the optimist, Ashley held her sister at arm’s length, looked directly into her green eyes, and said, “You’re going to get this done. And I know just where we need to go to do that.”

Family law partner Christopher Cavalli met Denise the next morning when Ashley brought her to the Paramus office of Callagy Law for a free legal consultation. She looked exhausted; dark circles under her green eyes testifying to how little sleep she’d gotten. But there was something else in her eyes, there was strength. And hope.

Are there ways to lower cost of divorce?

Denise pulled out a list of questions for Attorney Cavalli.

“This will turn my kids’ entire world upside down, in addition to my own,” she said. “We’ll be walking a financial tight rope for a while until everything stabilizes. How can I keep the cost of the divorce as low as possible?”

Attorney Cavalli said, “That’s an excellent question, Denise. Streamlining the process of gathering the necessary documents for your divorce is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs. Three or four sets of each document are often required as we go through the various steps in the process. As you can imagine, administrative costs can creep up.

When you locate and reproduce your own documents instead of our office needing to subpoena them and make all the copies, it saves money. It may not seem like it, but beyond the cost of the copies, anything that saves the firm time saves you money. We’ll give you a case information sheet listing all the information we’ll need, like tax records and asset information. Gather as much as you can yourself. If you can get the copies made and provide them to us, it’s a big help.

Believe it or not, a second recommendation for keeping costs down is maintaining an open line of communication with your spouse, if possible. When either party becomes obstinate and spiteful, it can drag things out. Again, the longer it takes to get information and reach agreements on the divorce settlement, the more expensive it gets,” Cavalli said.

Can I get divorced if my spouse moves to another state?

Denise thought about this and said, “Well, let’s hope Ron gets the same advice from his attorney. He left threatening to move across state lines so I couldn’t divorce him. Is that really a thing?”

“His attitude is unfortunate,” said Attorney Cavalli, “But we see this a lot in the early stages of divorce. He may surprise you and come around once the shock wears off.

“I can tell you it is likely his lawyer will advise him to try and keep communications moving to avoid the increased expense on his end, too. Holding up the process doesn’t benefit anyone but the attorneys.”

“Ron is nothing if not practical,” Denise said, Ashley nodding her agreement beside her sister.

“Let’s hope you’re right.”

“Hope is a good thing,” Cavalli said. “However, his behavior shakes out, know that should you choose to work with us, we’re here to help protect your rights throughout this process. You are not alone.

“Now, to answer your question about divorce across state lines, as long as you meet the residency and jurisdiction requirements, you’ll be able to get divorced even if he moves. We’d contact a process server in whatever the town he’s in to hand-deliver your New Jersey complaint for divorce. If Ron doesn’t comply, he’ll face default.”

“What does that mean?” Denise asked, leaning forward.

“It means the requesting party — you — would get everything you asked for in the divorce petition. He’d be unable to challenge the legitimacy of your claims and the facts as listed. Trust me, he’s not going to want that.”

Denise and Ashley looked at each other and a wonderful thing happened. Denise began to laugh. And laugh. Until she was doubled over. She laughed until she cried.

Her sister sat quietly beside her and rubbed her back until she gathered herself up, and wiping her eyes on her sleeves, apologized.

Cavalli handed her a box of tissues and said, “Not a problem. Going through a divorce truly is an emotional roller coaster, especially in the very early days.”

“And I know you’re pretty ‘punchy’ from lack of sleep,” Ashley chimed in, “But I got to say, it’s good to see you laugh, Sis; it’s been way too long.”

Can my ex get my inheritance?

The conversation quickly turned serious again as Denise asked about her recent inheritance.

“Our grandmother just passed,” she said somberly. She left Ashley and I each an inheritance. It’s not huge, but it will be very helpful to save for a rainy day, or hopefully, to put into a retirement plan. Can Ron get at that?”

Cavalli responded, “That depends. For it to be excluded from the divorce, it must not be commingled with family assets or funds. Doing this can convert an inheritance to a joint asset.

In other words, if an asset, say, a car, boat, or house was given to you, and you title the asset jointly — in both your name and Ron’s name, that asset becomes community marital property.

“If you were given a home, and you used money from a joint account to fix it up, the home becomes a joint asset.

“If you use inheritance money to purchase a jointly owned car or other asset that is titled in both your names — the asset you bought is a marital asset.

“Even if you have the money in a separate bank account but you allow your spouse to draw money from it, the account may become a marital asset.

“Do any of these circumstances apply to your inheritance?” Cavalli asked.

Denise took a shaky breath and breathed a sigh of relief. “No. She just passed three weeks back, and I haven’t done anything with it yet. I have an appointment with the estate attorney tomorrow.”

“Okay, good. I suggest you put any inheritance funds into a separate bank account in only your name. We can guide you going forward to protect your rights to your inheritance as the divorce moves forward.”

How does my personal life effect my divorce?

“Are there any other behaviors that I should know about to avoid making this process tougher than it already is as I move forward?” Denise asked.”

“Yes,” said Cavalli. “Don’t start dating until the divorce is finalized.”

Denise blinked and it was Ashley’s turn to giggle. “Darn! I so have the guy for you,” Ashley teased. “You remember Ray in accounting, Denise. He’s been asking about you since you came to my office for lunch last month.,” she said, elbowing her sister, who immediately flushed.

“It’s none of our business, truly,” Cavalli said. “But dating before the divorce is finalized may give your spouse fodder to use against you in court. Even if it’s not true, if he doesn’t manage to maintain the air of maturity we’re all hoping for, he can suggest you left because you were unfaithful. It muddies the waters and makes things difficult when the divorcing parties begin sniping at each other, especially when their attorneys are trying to hash out a custody agreement.

“And, if he’s the jealous type, any cooperation he is grudgingly giving may cease altogether. And that’s not even addressing your children’s need for time to adjust to their new circumstances.

“As I said, it’s not our business, but advising you as to what will help or hurt your divorce case is our business. As a certified matrimonial attorney, I recommend you wait to begin dating until after the divorce.”

Denise’s pink cheeks had gone beet red. “I, oh, no, no… I’m not ready for anything close to dating. No, that’s not a concern,” she stammered.

Denise was satisfied with the information she received in her free consultation. She retained Callagy Law, and Attorney Cavalli was able to guide her through a divorce that was civil, if not amicable. In the end, both parties arrived at terms they were satisfied with. Today, they maintain a civil, unified front regarding parenting and sharing custody of their children.

Common Divorce Case Mistakes

There are several common mistakes people make in their divorce cases that leave them vulnerable to receiving less than they are entitled to. Read each of the errors below to avoid making the same mistakes in your divorce.

Looking to Friends and Family for Advice

It’s understandable to need to confide in friends and close relatives when you’re going through a divorce. When you do, remember that these conversations should not be for legal advice. Even if your family member or friend had also gone through a divorce, they are probably not an attorney. And, even if they are a legal advisor, if they are close to you, they are likely far from objective.

Divorce is a messy, complicated process. Custody arrangements need to be worked through and assets divided. It’s crucial to hire an experienced divorce lawyer to advise you of your rights and responsibilities.

Don’t Agree to A Settlement Arrangement that Leaves Your Needs Out of the Equation

There are times during a divorce where one party may relent to unreasonable demands and agree to sign over property or other assets “just to get it all over with.” But as difficult as the divorce experience is now, undoing an agreement you voluntarily signed off on in haste and later thought better of will be nearly impossible. Your New Jersey divorce attorney can help you make balanced decisions during the divorce process that you can live with in the future.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your alimony payments or any other monies exchanged after divorce are tax-deductible. Likewise, you mustn’t assume monies you receive from your ex-spouse are tax-exempt. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand how to avoid getting burned by the IRS regarding divorce transactions.

A skilled divorce lawyer can also advise you on how to make sure the Social Security Administration processes any change in your name as quickly as possible to ensure you receive tax returns without delay.

Your New Jersey divorce attorneys can also guide you on often confusing paperwork issues, such as utilizing the Special Enrollment Period that will enable you to file for health coverage if you lose it due to the divorce.

Sorting out the mundane administrative ramifications of your divorce is just one way a capable divorce attorney can help you through the divorce process.

Not Checking Over Your Divorce Paperwork for Mistakes

As experienced as divorce attorneys are, it’s important to double-check your paperwork to make certain there are no errors.

Having an attorney to guide you through a divorce is critical, but even attorneys can miss details. Going over your own documents is the best insurance to avoid mistakes. This is especially important if the paperwork under consideration came from your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s attorney. Take the time to review the paperwork; it’s well worth it.

Turning to the Wrong Attorney for your Divorce Claim

Going through a divorce is traumatic. The stakes are high and often effect every major aspect of your life, from your children’s custody to your finances. This is the time to make sure you’ve got an attorney who specializes in divorce law.

As with the medical field, attorneys have many areas of specialization in which they can practice. Don’t turn to an attorney who’s a generalist to handle your divorce. This is not the time to have someone who’s handled “a few” divorces over the years take on what is probably the biggest transition of your adult life.

You need a specialist.

In addition, it’s especially important when choosing a divorce attorney to go through the free consultation process so you can interview attorneys. You need someone who’s a great communicator, who listens, who you feel comfortable with. Be sure to ask questions about their experience. Ask about some potential strategies they’d recommend, and how they might go about helping you.

The stakes are too high to hand your divorce case to the first lawyer you come across without asking questions. A great divorce attorney is going to welcome questions and encourage open communication.

In addition, the best person to handle your divorce claim is a divorce attorney certified in matrimonial law.

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