Not Paying Child Support

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What can I do if my ex is not paying the court ordered child support?


The enforcement of child support in New Jersey is a very common and important issue. The courts and we attorneys deal with the enforcement of child support on a daily basis. The first question we need to ask is whether or not the child support is being collected through probation, usually via wage garnishment. If it is, the probation department will eventually file their own application to enforce the child support so that the person receiving the child support gets paid and gets paid the arrears. The probation department, however, is traditionally slow and backed up, so many times we have clients come to us and say, “Can you enforce my child support obligation,” and the answer is yes.

There are many different reasons people don’t pay child support. Sometimes, they are involuntarily unemployed or may have become disabled, if they can’t work, but they still have the obligation. It’s their burden to show the court why they can’t pay and ask for a reduction. A lot of times, people just don’t pay because they don’t want to pay. They are voluntarily not paying their spouse. In those cases, we will file a motion. We will seek to enforce, we will seek the arrears payment and, in some extreme cases, we’ll even seek an arrest warrant if child support is not paid.

The enforcement of child support is a very serious issue which we deal with every single day. If you have any questions whatsoever about the enforcement of your child support, please call us here at Callagy Law and we can help you through the process and get the payments started again.

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