4 Child Custody Facts

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Modifying a Parenting Time Order

4 Child Custody FactsParenting time orders in New Jersey are always subject to modification based upon a substantial change in circumstances. If a client comes in and says, “I want to change my parenting time or custody situation,” we ask them why. In order to get a modification, you have to prove a change of circumstances. Whether that’s the other spouse just not taking care of the children on his or her time or you have more time due to flexible job duties, there’s hundreds of different scenarios that can be a change in circumstances.

In order to even get your foot in the door, so to speak, with the court, you have to show what we call prima facie showing of a change in circumstances. We would file a motion saying circumstances have changed because of X, Y, Z, which requires a modification of parenting time so that you get more, or custody has changed, or parenting time has changed. If the court agrees that you’ve made that prima facie showing, then they will likely set the matter down for a hearing and may very well likely appoint an expert to do an evaluation.

Changes in custody are not taken lightly. They’re not that easy to prove. Yet, changes in circumstances happen all the time that warrant a modification of a custody arrangement. If you have any questions whatsoever about your custody arrangement and how to modify it, please contact us here at Callagy Law. We are involved in custody and parenting time matters all the time, whether they are initial establishments of those arrangements in a divorce case or post-divorce modifications of those arrangements.

Your Right to Parenting Time

Oftentimes, clients come in who have children and aren’t allowed to see those children. A lot of times a client comes in and say, “My former spouse is refusing to allow me to have parenting time with my kid. What should I do?” That’s an unfortunate situation. My heart goes out to those people where they’re not allowed to see their children, and we try to rectify that right away. There’s nothing more important than a relationship between children and their parents, and we try and protect that at all costs.

Presuming that there is no justifiable or reality-based reason why that parent cannot see the children – it’s not an abuse situation, there’s not a neglect situation, there’s nothing like that – just a refusal by one parent to allow the other parent to see the children and that refusal is unreasonable, then we need to rectify that quickly. We may need to get the court involved quickly and file an application to have immediate parenting time with the children. Whatever that schedule looks like, we would have to talk about it – if it’s overnights, if it’s 50/50, and what that means – and we’re going to have to get into court really fast to have a judge address this quickly. The last thing you want to do is let that go on or prolong that because then you get stuck in the situation of, “You let this go on for too long. You didn’t really want to see the kids, and now you’re coming back and you want to see them.”

If there’s a parent refusing to allow parenting time and that refusal is unjustifiable and unreasonable, you need to get into court quick. We need to get the judge to address that, and we need to get that client to exercise parenting time right away. If you’re having these types of issues, or you’re having these concerns regarding parenting time and custody, please contact us at Callagy Law in the family law department. Our partners and associates, deal with these issues all the time, and we can help you.

Types of Child Custody

In New Jersey, parenting time simply replaced what used to be called visitation. In New Jersey, we have two types of custody – legal custody and residential custody. In the vast majority of cases, our clients share joint legal custody of their children, which means they make decisions jointly for the child regarding health, education and welfare. Residential custody comes down to where the child is spending most of his or her time. If mom has the child most of the time and dad has alternate weekends and a mid-week dinner or overnight, mom has residential custody and would be called the parent of primary residence, and dad would be called the parent of alternate residence. His time with the children is called parenting time, what used to be called visitation.

Here at Callagy Law in our family law department, we deal with custody parenting time issues all the time, every day. This is what we do. If you have any questions whatsoever about parenting time, i.e, visitation, please contact us.

Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney

In New Jersey, child custody matters are complex. Complex cases require an attorney. It is virtually impossible for a person to represent themselves through the court system in a true custody case. If we’re talking about just negotiating a couple of days of parenting time here or there, people represent themselves all the time; but if it’s a true custody case, and there’s the welfare of the child at stake, there are going to be experts involved. They could be court-appointed experts or they could be experts who you individually retain. Our courts are guided by a statute that has a lot of factors, which deal with custody and parenting time, and those factors are very case-specific and they need to be addressed – the provable facts, along with our experts to those factors – and then presented to a court.

If you’re going to have a true custody case, you definitely want to be represented by an experienced attorney who has tried and dealt with custody cases.

Here at Callagy Law, all four of our attorneys have dealt with custody cases and tried custody cases for decades, and this is what we do. We deal with people’s needs, their desires regarding their custody and parenting time of their children, and we know the statute. We know how to resolve cases. First, we always try to resolve cases amicably, and, if we can’t, we know how to get these cases resolved through the court system.

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