3 Truck Accident Facts

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How Truck Accident Cases And Car Accident Cases Differ

3 Truck Accident FactsIn New Jersey, a lot of times, people make the mistake of assuming that accidents involving motor vehicles in general work the same way as truck accidents, but that’s not the case. In New Jersey, a commercial truck accident is different than a private automobile car accident. If a commercial truck is involved, there are a lot of considerations that go into effect. For one, there are a lot of local and federal rules involved that, in order to prosecute the claim properly, one should be aware of. Naturally, the dynamics of a truck differ than that of a regular car, as well.

If a commercial vehicle is involved, of course, there are also exceptions that apply regarding your ability to file a claim. For example, normally, if it’s a car versus car and no commercial vehicle is involved, in New Jersey you’re subject to something called the verbal threshold, which requires that your burden of proof is higher. If a commercial truck is involved, you may be subject to an exception to that, so it’s very important to consult with the right attorney who is aware of all that is involved in a commercial truck accident case.

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Truck Accident Case Timeline

In New Jersey, if you’re filing a claim related to injuries you sustained from a truck accident case, it is different than a car accident. The question is, how long will that claim take to resolve? Really, that is a very difficult question to answer, especially with truck accidents, because there is a lot more always involved in a truck accident case. You’re dealing with rules and regulations, for one. The trucking company is going to be acting fast and doing certain things, too, and how long the case will take depends on many, many factors related to that– who that trucking company is, the liability, how the accident happened, how unclear or clear it was, and if they’re being reasonable in any settlement offers. As a result, it’s very difficult to determine the exact amount of time that it will take.

It’s very important for you, as the victim of a truck accident, to act immediately, to retain the services of an attorney immediately, because there’s so much involved and there needs to be preservation of evidence and other action steps that need to be taken. If you are involved in a truck accident case, and you have questions about truck accidents or personal injury claims in general, in New Jersey, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you.

When You Can Sue The Trucking Company In Addition to The Driver

Clients often ask, if it’s a trucking accident in New Jersey, are you just suing the truck driver or can you sue the company that the truck driver works for? You can also sue the company, especially in cases where, for example, the truck driver was intoxicated or had any other issues. The trucking company has a responsibility to ensure that they’re hiring safe drivers. There are rules and regulations about the number of hours they can drive, licenses they have to carry and that have to be up-to-date. There is a lot involved, yes. Potentially, it’s the truck driver that is the defendant, as well as the company they work for. There’s a lot that goes into it.

That’s why it’s very important in your selection of an attorney to have an attorney that has experience dealing with trucking accident cases, as well as the ability to try them. You need a trial attorney. Here, for example, in our firm, we are trial attorneys. We will go to court. We’re not afraid of going to court. We have the ability, willingness, and resources to do that, and that is so important.

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