Marital Home During a Divorce

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What will happen to the marital home during our divorce?


A lot of times when we have a consultation with a new client, the issues of the marital home is usually one of the major issues. The marital home is usually the largest asset that there is in a divorce and that we have to divide up. The marital home also has a lot of emotional attachment to it, especially if there are children that have been raised in that home. If a family has lived in the home for multiple years, or even over a decade, there’s a lot of attachment to that home. How the home is divided up, who gets the home is really an issue that we discuss. It’s very fact-specific and it’s about where somebody wants to be. Where do we end up? Who wants the home? What’s the value of the home? Are we going to be able to buy the other person out of the home? It really is a function of, again, a client’s goals when it comes to what we want to do with the home.

If you have any other questions about equitable distribution, any other questions about your marital home specifically and how you can go about keeping your home, or what you have to do to be able to buy out the residence, please call us at Callagy Family Law. We’d be happy to walk you through that.

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