What Happens To My New Jersey Business If I Die?

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If you are on this page, you may have questions regarding what happens to your business and its ownership if you pass away. If you are looking for a quick answer, business ownership shares are treated just like any other stock you may have acquired in your life and can be distributed through your estate. However, the short answer utterly fails to demonstrate the full picture and complication that come along with trying to pass along your personal business shares through your estate. Further, private contracts, ownership agreements, and other business documents may complicate the estate planning that you have done in unanticipated ways.

Accordingly, the importance of close review of these laws agreements cannot be overstated, as the repercussions of failing to adequately plan for this contingency and reviewing and considering all of the applicable regulations and laws will be at a minimum stressful and costly for your family, and at the worst result in substantial litigation in an attempt to regain what is rightfully theirs from either your partners or the State. If you are in this situation, Sean Callagy, Esq., Christopher Miller, Esq. and the rest of the Callagy Law Team empathizes with you and are sorry for your stress and pain.

The Estate Planning Process Can Help Protect Your Business:

While your pain is unique and specific to your life and circumstances, you are not alone. Callagy Law and Christopher Miller, Esq. have experience in quickly and aggressively moving through the estate planning process for owners and insuring that their estate planning needs are met. Nothing is worse than the fear that your estate plan, which you set up to take care of your loved ones, has in fact become a complication in their lives. Even worse is to have a system of support which you spent your entire life building be taken away or otherwise unavailable to your family or other loved ones due to an unexpected operation of law, an unanticipated contractual provision, or other complication.

The most important thing to remember when considering any estate plan which contains shares or ownership of a business in New Jersey is whether you want to liquidate the shares (and potentially close the company) or try to maintain the business as a going concern for your heirs. Both of these choices regardless of which direction you ultimately decide will be a legally intensive process, and you will want to have an attorney to assist who is familiar with both corporate and business law and estate practice.

So what should you be looking for in getting help?

A law firm that is:

  1. Caring – having genuine and true empathy for what you are going through and need so you actually feel it.
  2. Urgency – an understanding of what is and is not time sensitive, sharing that with you and attacking all issues to build momentum for you and your case.
  3. Aggression – the courage to pursue truth and justice for you that keeps truth and your interest’s primary above the lawyer’s, the adversaries and court’s interests.

Here is what clients say about us:

Callagy Law was only one of 2 law firms in America with TWO, yes 2, top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014 and 2016 (33 million and 27 million in cases we were told we had NO chance). Callagy law and Christopher Miller have represented clients and family members in dozens of matters, from cases consisting only of a few thousand dollars, to multimillion-dollar litigation.  We’ve settled many multimillion-dollar cases, and thousands of far simpler cases for our clients. Many of our cases have turned on receiving discovery that other firms would not have asked for or found, due to our relentless review of the record and our caring, urgency and aggression. We take this knowledge an also apply it to our transactional work, representing hundreds of companies and medical practices in a multitude of areas.

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