FACEBOOK FACE-OFF: Pennsylvania Entrepreneur Suing Facebook For Destroying His Business

FACEBOOK FACE-OFF: Through Counsel Callagy Law, the Pennsylvania Entrepreneur is Suing Facebook: Accusing Internet giant of using unlawful and inequitable practices.

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Paramus, NJ – Friday, August 24, 2018

“Facebook is unlawfully silencing people (including Fyk) for its own financial gain…Facebook is not above the law and must be held accountable for its wrongs…this is a true case of David versus Goliath.” Cite N.D. Cal. Complaint

Callagy Law’s Sean Callagy and client, Jason Fyk, appeared on FOX & Friends this morning, Friday, August 24, 2018, to discuss the matter of Facebook’s destruction of Mr. Fyk’s businesses using tortious, unfair anti-competitive, extortionate, and/or fraudulent practices to silence Mr. Fyk and take control of the advertising revenue his businesses generated off of Facebook’s “free” channel.

What would happen if your business and only source of revenue was suddenly taken away from you?

This is what happened to Mr. Fyk, and more than likely many others.

Jason’s primary business Facebook page was ranked, by one source, as the fifth most active page on the internet. He had over 25,000,000 followers of his pages, and the exposure his pages received earned a living for him and his family (and once employees).  After years of success, Facebook decided to cut itself into the deal by destroying or severely devaluing Mr. Fyk’s businesses / pages.  Facebook’s actions destroyed Mr. Fyk’s businesses. Mr. Fyk decided it was time to fight back against the injustice he has suffered (on his behalf and, for that matter, on behalf of all entrepreneurs)– Mr. Fyk is now suing Facebook for its unlawful and inequitable practices.

“…he [Jason] was unplugged and everything is about having the dependable and consistent reach to get to people for advertisers.  So his advertisers disappeared but Facebook kept that reach for themselves and or redistributed to other people so they could make that money.”  –Sean R. Callagy, FOX & Friends, 8/24/2018

When asked about Facebook’s Terms of Service, Mr. Callagy states:

“… the issue though is that we have laws in this country that protect against unfair, anti-competitive business practices.  There’s legal terminology for things you can and can’t do regardless of what Facebook’s Terms of Service says and essentially it says we could do whatever we want whenever we want but the law is something different.” –Sean R. Callagy, FOX & Friends, 8/24/2018

Diamond & Silk, social media giants, also commented:

“…I am so happy that…he’s suing Facebook…To take somebody building their American Dream. They have a platform. They have a place for you to brand your page. For you to build your fan page. For you to make money off of it and then [to] pull the rug up from under you. Yes, I think he should sue Facebook and I’m happy that he’s doing it.”  –Diamond & Silk, FOX & Friends, 8/24/2018

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