Out-Of-Network Recovery

If you are an out-of-network medical provider plagued by unfair reimbursements from Automobile Insurers, Workers Comp Insurance Carriers or Commercial Insurance carriers, Callagy Law, Sean Callagy, Tom LaGreca and the whole Callagy Law Recovery team understand what you are experiencing. We are sorry for your stress and pain.

You work hard, caring for patients, performing a noble function, and you want to retain control of your practice by setting your own rates and not depending upon the insurance industry to dictate care to your patients and to dictate reimbursement. You are struggling financially and are not sure how or why you have to endure such financial abuse from insurers.

While your particular tribulations might be unique to you, you are not alone.

What lies ahead? You might be wondering. 

Getting on a path to a better financial picture. Having the administrative and legal support to pursue these carriers for their unfair practices.

Depending upon the category of claims, reimbursement to out-of-network medical providers is governed by a different set of laws and regulations. In PIP, reimbursement is governed by fee schedules imposed by the State. In Workers Comp, carriers are obligated to reimburse medical providers at the providers’ usual and customary rates, known as UCR. In the case of Commercial Insurance claims, the carrier is obligated to reimburse the provider as per the health care plan.

You need Callagy Law to go fight for you at arbitration and in court—perhaps federal court–when carriers fail to fulfill their obligations to you and the patient.

What should you be looking for in getting help? A law firm that is: 

Caring—A firm that genuinely empathizes with your plight.

Urgent—A firm that knows every day that passes is another day when an insurance carrier possesses your money.

Aggressive—A firm that knows how to fight these carriers to see that your money is turned over to you as soon as possible.

Callagy Law, Sean Callagy, Tom LaGreca and the whole Callagy Law Recovery team know how to do this! Last year we recovered $50,000,000 for our medical provider clients from insurance carriers.

We ask this: Would you be willing to meet with us to see if we are what we say? We would be honored to have the opportunity to prove ourselves

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