Uninsured Employer’s Fund for New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claims

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The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law established the Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF) in order to provide benefits for any employee injured while working for an employer who did not have the required workers’ compensation insurance coverage.  Benefits from the Uninsured Employer’s Fund also paid to an injured employee when an uninsured employer does not pay the benefit payments awarded by the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  The benefits provided by the Uninsured Employer’s Fund include payment of medical expenses and temporary disability benefits.  These benefits are administered by The Office of Special Compensation Funds (OSCF).

When a Petitioner files a Claim Petition, the insurance carrier or the approved self insurance of the employer is indicated on the application.  If none is provided, then a search is performed with the Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau to identify the whether the employer is uninsured.  In the employer is determined to have no workers’ compensation coverage, then an attorney for the Uninsured Employer’s Fund will be assigned to the claim and will appear at the scheduled court proceedings.

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