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Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy

Why Not with Sean Callagy Episode 14 – November 11, 2015

Dear Kindred Spirits:
Good morning!!!!!
If you haven’t checked out our Why Not Talk Episode 2 with Rey Rostami, you will be missing a how to quadruple your sales appointments, along with a story to give you certainty on how to overcome huge challenges as Rey went from gang member to award winning sales man and trainer.
Yesterday, we discussed the idea of how you feel about doubling your income, and the practical impact of those thoughts and feelings on your income.
Some people felt teased by Why Not Huddle 13 as we didn’t discuss any “how to”.
Believe it or not, the “how to” is always far easier than remaining “At Cause” in “Zone Action”.
Okay, so, let’s get right to it.
If you are working for a salary, you have two choices:
1. Start a separate company on your own: or
2. Figure out how to add five to ten times the value you are currently creating for your company.
If you are a sales person or business owner, then you double your income by doubling your sales. This is far easier than most people think.
All sales increases are reverse engineered. It starts with doubling the number of your meetings. If you double the number of meetings, and increase your yes rate, or even simply maintain it, then if you work on commission, you will obviously have doubled your income.
So, if it’s that easy, WHY NOT follow that system? Well, we come right back to the reason the Why Not Huddle exists: to keep people “AT CAUSE IN ZONE ACTION”.
Most people simply don’t operate in Zone Action virtually at all. Simply changing this fact will change everything.
What is Zone Action in Sales?

1. Engaging in direct and controlled actions to create meetings; and
2. Engaging in direct and controlled actions to have clients say yes to your product or services that they need.
This doesn’t happen. Only the top small percentage of sales people who are following a Zone Action system and living At Cause do this.
AND, if they care to, are very capable of doubling their income.
Remember, I went from broke to a beach house in one year. This is how it works for everyone!
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Why Not?
In Your Service,
Sean Callagy

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