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Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy

Dear Kindred Spirits:


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Now, suspend your belief for a moment, and simply answer this question: Would You Want to Double Your Income?


How does that question make you feel?


Does it make you excited? Does it make you stressed? Does it make you think I’m setting you up for something? Does it make you feel like there’s a scam on the way?


They idea of Why Not is to be the first indispensable building block of living “At Cause” (for a great explanation on that, check out Why Not Episode number 11 from November 6, 2015).


When we begin to discuss the idea and topic of money, it impacts people in ways that are directly related to our feelings about money. Our feelings about money relate to our beliefs about money.


What do you think about people who are RICH?


Describe how rich people act, feel, and relate to other people. What level of empathy and caring do “rich” people display?


I don’t mean tell me what you think is the “right” answer. I mean tell me what you really feel.


If your answer is positive, then I guarantee you that you either have or are on your way to having, more money than most people.


On the other hand, if you are answering that question in a negative way, then I would say that money and finances are a challenge in your life.


Now, before you feel judged, please keep in mind that I am trying to help. We will talk more about money in the future. This short letter is designed to help you think about the basics of where you are emotionally, right now, with regard to your relationship to money.


By the way, most, certainly mot all, but most people would like to double their income. What is amazing, is how relatively easy it is to do.


Now, I’ve possibly really touched a nerve. Money is one of the issues most attached to our egos. Thus, there may be a strong desire to make me “wrong” right now that you are feeling.


You’ve possibly heard me introduce the concept of “Zone Action” in prior Why Not Huddles. After having spent time coaching hundreds of different people, I’ve found that very few people ever get near Zone Action to increase their income or the profit from their business.


I am fortunate to earn a great living. Within one year, if I so choose and follow my own success formula, I would certainly double my income. I know this with absolute certainty. The only way I wouldn’t, is if I wasn’t in Zone Action.


The challenge is, most people never get into Zone Action to double their income because they don’t have the right emotional relationship with money.


So, for today, think about what you really feel. Then, ask if those feelings are serving you and your finances.


On a final note: don’t think you can set the value for double your salary. That is a major move. It is set by the value you create for others, either your company or your clients if you own a business.


Then, be ready to truly live a Why Not life and commit to playing a huge game to get there.


By the way, I helped one client go from making $150,000.00 per year to $500,000.00 per year in 1, yes ONE, coaching session. That income level lasted for nearly a decade from one of his businesses.


And no, I am not actively taking on coaching clients right now. I’m telling you that to help you to understand that I know what I am talking about and how real your potential is.


Why Not?


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Check out our Why Not Talk with Rey Rostami later today who increased meeting numbers by numbers incredibly by application of my Success Formula.


In Your Service,


Sean Callagy

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