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Why Not Be Thankful For This?

Dear Kindred Spirits,

I had an amazing experience last night. As I've mentioned, I am currently not able to drive due to my hereditary eye disease. I remain confident that they will invent a cure, but I am temporarily unable to drive, as I see it (others, including medical science, would say my driving days are over and that my eyes will continue to deteriorated until I am completely blind -- I say no way to this).

As a result of my driving issues, I am blessed to have some folks that help me to drive. Last night, at the end of awesome night where my daughter and I visited my mom and grandmother, the gentlemen driving me was very kind to say he's begun watching the "Why Not Huddles".

He also begun talking to me about life and some of the challenges we all face. At the end of our awesome conversation, he told me that my confidence was amazing and virtually guaranteed my success.

I explained to him that I was very flattered by his trust in sharing some of his dreams with me as well as his very kind, supportive and genrous words.  I also told him he was right, that I do have tremendous confidence. However, I shared that maybe for a different reason than he thought.

"You see", I explained to my friend, "I have tremendous confidence in the human capacity. I do believe in myself at a very high level because I'm human, and therefore, share in that tremendous capacity I believe in".

We had a great ending to our chat and wished each other well until our next meeting. I left the car, after sitting outside my house chatting with him for nearly an hour, feeling so blessed to believe in people and to share that with others. 

So, that's what it's all about: our capacity. Therein lies the secret to true confidence. Your capacity, all of our capacity, is so far beyond anything we will ever achieve. When people tell me hw amazingly successful I am, I am always touched. Then, while being proud of what I've done, I smile to myself knowing I haven't touched a fraction of a fraction of my potential, and neither have they.

Today, I challenge you to really think about this, the idea of human capacity. Why Not you? I don't mean to suggest you should belittle others or put them down. I mean, you should accept your greatness and work relentlessly consistently towards your dreams knowing that your success is assured the minute you begin.

Your success may not end up precisely the way you dream. Mine certainly didn't when I dreamt of playing professional baseball. Yet, you will succeed wildly. I wouldn't trade my life's journey for anything. Neither should you.

Someday we will all sit in that rocking chair. I hope and pray we will all close our eyes knowing we seized this life and touched the lives of others in a profound way. 

We all share a complete and perfect capacity for that.

Have a Why Not day, week, month, year, decade and life!!

In your service,
Sean Callagy

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