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Dear Kindred Spirits: 

Happy Wednesday Folks!!! 

I am fired up today and want to give a shout out to my mom, Maureen. My mom had double knee replacement in late August of this year, which was a little over two months ago. Yesterday, my mom hit the critical goal of 120 degrees for her knees range of motion!!!!!!!! Awesome job Mom!!!!!!!! I love you and am so proud of and happy for, you. 

Not long ago, they physical therapy folks were telling my mom that she was behind schedule, and if she didn’t get to where she needed to be, she would have to face this brutal surgery all over again. Instead of shrinking back, my Mom took on the pain, kicked into gear, worked out at home relentlessly consistently and now walks without a cane and has met the goal for her rehab.  Also, big props to her significant other Jerry. Jerry has been there all the way helping and supporting this process. As Willy Wonka says (Gene Wilder not the genuinely creepy and wacky Johnny Depp version),  says you’re a good egg! 

Now Grammi, as my mom is known by her grandchildren, it’s time to get you back scuba diving and on skis (note: my mom has dove once and been on skis once, crashing into a house on the mountain in Vail last time she went). Let’s all start posting on Facebook challenging Grammi to hit the bubbles and the slopes!!!!!!! 

For the record, my mom has been an indispensable teacher, guide and support throughout my life. No matter what, she’s always been there to gently guide me back to the path of my greatest me. While she may not have read all these books on personal development, she lives Why Not principals and always has an awesome core desire to continue to improve. She’s been conducting Bible study in a jail in New York for over a decade, she works with my law firm and has been an indispensable part of my business world for 16 years, and she even went zip lining 3 years ago at Whistler on the West Coast of Canada at night, in the pitch black walking through feet of snow in the woods, trekking 100 feet plus over the abyss. Yes, I admit on the last one I left out a few details before we all piled into the van to head off into the forest at night! 

With all that said, let’s talk about the critical difference in our results formula between no action, action and zone action. Remember, there is a 3 part formula for producing or not producing any result you ever desire in your life. The entire formula is based on the concept of always knowing or figuring out quickly, how to remain in massive, consistent, relentless, zone action. 

I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of people whether it be for one session or a regular ongoing coaching relationship. The vast majority of people I coach, in fact, almost all of them, are so easy to help. 

Yesterday, we launched our Why Not Talks with Mike Just, the owner of Just Hits. Mike has goals he’s not achieving, although he already is a rare success: a person who started a business and is successfully operating more than 5 years after starting it. 

Mike said he wanted a team of 6 fully dedicated baseball trainers and better pipelines referring clients. 

As almost always happens, when we discussed it on our Why Not Talk, Mike wasn’t really doing anything to achieve these goals. By the way, that always happens for folks in life and business. You’re working hard, you form habitual patters for your day and life and you think you’re working on your goals. You also begin to feel like they’re not achievable as you mistake thinking or stressing about something for “action.”

Therein lies the obvious difference between action and NO action. 

However, there is a more critical distinction. I believe the greatest difference for success doesn’t lie in the difference between no action and action, but rather between action and zone action. 

Why? It is simply because when people take action, as opposed to zone action, and don’t get the results they want, then they begin to really believe there goals are not reachable. They lie to themselves and say, “I tried. It doesn’t work.” 

Mike was doing just, yes a pun-figure it out, that.  Mr. Just, get it?!, told me he did follow my suggestion and begin to speak in schools, BUT, he couldn’t expect the young students to bring information home to their families. I said, to quote Mr. Wonka again, “Wrong Sir!! Wrong!!!!!” 

Mike was in action, but missing the “secret of small distinctions”, and, therefore, he wasn’t in Zone Action”. Accordingly, he didn’t get the results he wanted. 

So, what would Zone Action have been?? Watch today’s Why Not Huddle, and I will share it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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