Why Not #9 – Why Not Master One Success System with Sean Callagy | November 3, 2015

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Do you want more? It is a simple question. Do you want more?

“More what?” you ask.

More time, more money or more fulfillment (which means all good feelings like fun, adventure, passion, love, legacy, etc…)

The answer for almost everyone I’ve ever met is yes. Even the wealthiest people I’ve worked with, even the people who don’t want money, all want more.

We want to share our talents. That concept is even rooted in Scripture.

We as human beings feel a health, natural desire for more.

I felt, and feel, the same way. I always believed there was a way to accelerate, and enhance the likelihood of, success in any of our endeavors towards more time, more money and more fulfillment.

So, I searched. I learned. I applied. I failed. I succeeded. I failed some more. I succeeded some more. I learned. I applied. I failed. I succeeded, etc…

Okay, so what’s the point? The point is that I figured out one comprehensive success system. That all the thousands, if not millions, of self help books can be distilled into one system.

This was, to me, enormously important.

People spent so much time, so much time, reading, motivating themselves, trying, failing and going onto new.

I did a bit of that, but I chose a different path. I chose mastery.

Now, you can receive the basics of this one success system by watching Why Not videos and being here every day to read these articles.

The first mastery step is accepting that you can learn how to succeed here.

That this can be your stop and the stop for others you care about on the road to your version of “more”.

Learning the distinction for “Act Cause” versus “At Effect” is the first basic master step.

What this formula allowed me to do is:

  1. Build a 40 person law firm by the time I was 30 years old:
  2. In one year in my late 20’s, go from starting a law firm on my credit card to owning a beautiful brand new beach house on what Dr. Beach has rated the second best swimming beach in America.
  3. Litigate and win a case at the age of 29 against an attorney perceived by many to be one of the top litigation attorneys in New Jersey.
  4. Become the most successful graduate of my coaching school within 3 months of graduating and when most people were struggling to find a single paying client, I was generating $40,000, yes 40 thousand dollars, per month in coaching revenue working from home.
  5. To build a successful second law firm with 100 employees doing 8 figures in revenue.
  6. To be able to publicly speak for 8 hours at a time with no notes on at least a dozen topics.
  7. I built a billing company that will generate over a million dollars in revenue this year.
  8. I’ve attended virtually every sporting event or activity for my children in their lives, except when their events conflict.
  9. I increased our law firms Facebook likes by over a thousand in 10 days just by helping other people.

I’m not the richest person you know. I don’t have a perfect life. However, I have 2 things that are truly unique: 1. I know I can have anything, any thought, any feeling, any result, basically that I want because I know this system; and 2. I know I live exactly the life I am choosing and nothing external is creating any challenges for me. It all comes from me.

Those are awesome feelings to have.

This is what you can have through Why Not. You want more money, more time or more fulfillment, you’re in the right place.

Please spread the word. When we get to 50,000 Likes on Facebook and 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and 50,000 followers on Twitter, I am going to give away to everyone who wants it, an amazing program that is valued at over $1,000.00.

Please subscribe on YouTube and spread the word.

You want more, this is the place!!

Why Not?!

In Your Service,

Sean Callagy


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