Why Not #6 – Why Not Say Goodbye to Motivation? October 29, 2015

Why Not Say Goodbye To Motivation? And Hello To Something Infinitely More Powerful?

I had a game changing meeting with a friend of mine, Rey Rostami, the New Jersey Training Coordinator for AFLAC, yesterday. Rey has a tremendous life story, rising above some very challenging childhood years on the inner city streets of Los Angeles, to becoming a commission sales person for AFLAC, to becoming an award winner and leader, to now being the head of training for AFLAC, New Jersey.

Rey also uses a significant amount of my training principles for himself and his AFLAC trainees. So, when I asked Rey what he thought of our “Why No Huddle”, I was shocked to hear his answer.

Rey hesitated and looked uncomfortable as I waited to hear his thoughts. Finally, he said, “I haven’t seen it. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t even know it started yet.”

I actually felt a lot of excitement when Rey told me this. Our Callagy Law Facebook has already grown by 700 “likes” in just a few days. Now, I completely understand that out of our 10,000 “likes,” still only a fraction of the 10,000 has even seen the posts about “Why Not”. As more people see it, which we ask everyone’s help with changing that, we will watch the numbers grow like crazy. I’ll explain in a moment why that’s a good thing for everyone.

Something far more amazing happened though in the next stage of our conversation. Rey became very excited about the idea of his sales people having the ability to watch the “Why Not Huddle” everyday for motivation. He explained the obvious fact that sales is full of frustration and how important “motivational videos” are.
This is where our breakthrough moment occurred. After the next 10 minutes of our conversation, Rey was more blown away and excited than I’ve ever seen him.

I asked Rey to now explain what I had just shared with him as though he was speaking with sales people at AFLAC to help them understand how critical, unique and valuable the “Why Not Huddle” is for them.

Rey summarized our conversation as follows: “Motivation is for people who are ‘At Effect’. It means that you are riding external stimuli to move you.
The consequence of this is that if you receive negative stimuli, you are equally susceptible to stop acting. The key is to stay ‘At Cause,” which is the opposite of ‘At Effect’ and means that you are in control, through an entirely different philosophy, of your feelings, thoughts and actions. The value of ‘Why Not’ isn’t to motivate, is to keep you ‘At Cause’, which is so much more valuable it’s incredible.”

“Precisely my friend”, I shared with him. Rey added, “My entire philosophy of training and producing results has shifted in the last 10 minutes.” Rey also added some incredibly complimentary words for me, which I will leave out.

What??????!!!!!!!!! Yes, motivation is weak. Motivation is fleeting. When people call me a motivational speaker it bothers me.

During our conversation, Rey helped me clarify my burning “why”, or my drive, for doing all of this. I want to help people at an unprecedented level to improve the mental and emotional quality of their lives. I believe that it is so easy to lead a life of more passion, positive energy and results than most people do. This is why I do this.

Here is the key of all of this though: the “Why Not Huddle” is NOT about motivation!!!!!!! It is about changing your life philosophy so you don’t need external motivation. External motivation can be nice and fun, but it is fleeting and ineffective. It is like going from a car that has a one gallon gas tank, a person relying on motivation, to an oxygen powered car that is perfectly self sustaining as oxygen is everywhere, which is the equivalent of having a life philosophy of being “At Cause”.

We will talk more about this on today’s “Why Not Huddle” and tomorrow’s article. For today though, please try and get this into your heart, soul and
brain: you are the only person or thing that can make you feel how you feel.
Remember, your feelings control your thoughts, your thoughts control your actions, your actions give you your results and your results create your destiny. Thus, the difference between living in motivation versus living “At Cause” is a completely different destiny.

Please, please, please, read tomorrow’s article as we will explain this enormous distinction. For today, understand that living “At Cause” is about you being in charge of how you feel, think, act and produce results minute to minute, day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year. The “Why Not Huddle” will help you achieve this level of mastery of your life and yourself AND it will be FUN!

This applies for peak athletes, business owners, sales people, stay at home moms and dads, teachers, lawyers, accountants, politicians, celebrities or whatever. The “why” behind “Why Not” is to make your life better and the world a better place through leaving behind negative emotional reactions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

AND just so this doesn’t sound like I’m suggesting we become weird robots, let me illustrate a point I made to Rey about the importance of feeling even sad feelings versus having those feelings produce negative outcomes. I used my grandfather, who passed away in 1999, as an example.

I miss my grandfather very much. I loved him with all my heart, and he was amazing as a source of support, love and teaching for me. He was incredibly positive when it came to him telling me who I am and how great I could be.
“When I think of him”, I explained to Rey, “I feel certain and confident, and I want to live an amazing life of balance, fulfillment, giving and success in tribute to all that he was and all that he taught me.”

This is a simple example of feeling very real feelings of missing my grandfather, but having those feelings serve my life as opposed to depress me because my beloved grandfather isn’t here anymore. All of that is a choice with tools to help make that choice a reality, all of which we will cover over time on our “Why Not Huddle”.

As we begin to touch on these topics, you may start to feel a bit challenged or even irritated by these concepts, or me. A natural human response is:
“you don’t know my problems. Mine are worse. This wouldn’t work for me!” All I can say is, yes, many people suffer from horrible challenges and trauma.
I’m sure some people exist that need some additional help. I simply believe that way more people can be masters of their own destiny that most people believe.

AND, I will close with this: medical science says I’m going blind from a hereditary eye disease that my beloved grandfather had and was blind from.
I’ve stopped driving and watching TV has become incredibly difficult as I pretty much see double, plus have huge contrast problems and blind spots. I need help telling me what’s happening on the TV screen pretty often if I watch a show like my favorite, “Walking Dead”. Yet, I have zero fear. I don’t feel fear and get rid of it. I don’t feel it in the first place. I have absolute certainty that I will be cured AND before I am, I will cope and adapt perfectly and enjoy additional advantages from my disease. One of those advantages is keeping me “At Cause” at an accelerated rate to take advantage of the vision I have.

So, while many people have worse disability challenges than I do, 95 percent of the population DOES NOT. Thus, I can speak from a place of absolute certainty when I tell you that you, with whatever challenges you have, can live an amazing life of being “At Cause” and enjoying life’s wonder, beauty, amazement, abundance, joy and passion.

Carpe Diem and enjoy your day “At Cause”!!!!!!!!

In your service,

Sean Callagy

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