3 Supreme Court Cases to Keep in Mind in 2015

Equal Opportunity Employment Commission v. Abercrombie & Fitch

Samantha Elauf, a practicing Muslim, was rejected for a position at an Abercrombie Kids store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Elauf was not hired because she wore a black hijab, a religious headscarf, during her interview which violated the company’s “Look Policy.” Neither Elauf nor the interviewer made mention of the headware or of any accommodations that would be required for religious purposes.

The question before the court is whether an employer is liable under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for refusing to hire an applicant or for firing an employee only if the employer had actual knowledge due to explicit notice from the applicant or employee that he or she requires religious accommodation.

Elonis v. United States of America

Anthony Elonis was convicted for posting threats on Facebook to kill his wife, co-workers and an FBI agent amongst others.

The question before the court is whether a conviction of threatening another person’s life require proof of subjective intent to threaten.

King v. Burwell

David King, Douglas Hurst, Brenda Levy and Rose Luck are residents of Virginia who do not want to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more popularly referred to as “Obamacare.” The ACA requires citizens to buy health insurance or pay a tax penalty. If an individual cannot buy the cheapest plan without exceeding eight percent of their household income, than they will not be charged the tax penalty. However, because the IRS adds tax credits to the petitioners’ plan which, they no longer are exempt from the tax penalty.

The question before the court is whether IRS may enforce regulations to extend tax credits to insurance plans purchased through Federal Exchanges

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