Cyber Insurance

Each year, US businesses lose about 150 million US dollars in sales due to computer crimes and breaches of computer security. These crimes are stolen information, the destruction of data or networks, Internet abuse, viruses, identity theft and intrusion by outsiders. There is also the active monitoring and financial fraud, etc. Most people who steal information or data abduction are ordinary people who sometimes are motivated by the challenge to break a system. Although there is now what we use as a firewall to protect data from theft or damage yet computer security is still insufficient.


Therefore, it is urgent for us to be insured against cyber-crimes. This is important to prevent businesses from financial loss or destruction of their network. Especially in e-commerce industries where computer are the basic instrument or apparatus in business or marketing, it is important to maintain a safe environment, since the cyber-crimes is rampant these days.

Cyber Insurance Protection Plans

There are several existing insurance today for protection.


There are many advantages to obtain cyber insurance. Insurance providers are now beginning to recognize and understand the impact of technology on business. They are now able to open and expand their business coverage to the cyber world.


It is no secret that cybercriminals engage more frequently and diligently with more success than ever before, the only thing we can do to safeguard ourselves is to have a sound cyber insurance plan.


Although the United States and a number of other nations try to prevent cyber-attacks every day by employing the same kind of people, the risk of penetration is huge in the Cyber Matrix and there are stories that such attacks will not end anytime soon.


A hacker known as Reckz0r was known to be able to access data from more than 79 banks in the world. In 2009, an extensive network of hackers were able to steal $ 70 million from a number of victims in the United States and elsewhere. Google have once fallen victim to cyber hackers which made many people become scared that if it were to happen again, many personal data will be lost.


These criminals work with the malware program High Roller and the infamous Zeus program that was used to steal the 70 million US dollars i mentioned above. New viruses appear every day.


Churches, individuals, businesses, medical practices are all goals of these cyber criminals, the more we know about cyber-crime the better


Although the foundation stone for the fight against these criminals is an excellent protection against viruses. The knowledge on know how to handle suspicious files and e-mails is in your best interest


A good insurance policy can help you against loss or destruction of records,

Go get a cyber-insurance plan today.

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