Callagy Law: Permanent Injuries from a Five Mile an Hour Car Accident

The same theory that explains why you still open an egg carton to make sure the eggs inside are not cracked, even though the carton is undamaged, makes clear how significant injuries can be suffered in low impact automobile collisions.


Why does a shopper check the eggs inside of an undamaged egg carton for cracks? The reason is clear. While the carton shows no obvious damage externally; internally, the contents of the encasing may be damaged due a prior impact.


Similar to the eggs in the egg carton, a low impact car accident may cause the transfer of trauma to the passenger’s body, even without showing signs of obvious significant property damage to the vehicle.

Medical Studies have revealed that a person can be significantly injured as the result of a low impact motor vehicle collision, even if their vehicle shows minimal damages.

In these cases, it is important to focus on medical records and diagnostic test results in order to evidence the patient’s significant injuries, including:  X-Rays (to show evidence of Muscle Spasm and/or broken bone); MRIs (to show  evidence of herniated and/or bulging discs); and EMG/NCV Testing (to show evidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and/or Radiculopathy).


Additionally, there may be some signs of property damage to the vehicle apart from the usual denting of the bumper, which includes: bent framing of the vehicle; airbag deployment; shattering of glass; and damage to objects in the interior of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

In sum, even if immediately following the collision your vehicle’s property damage appears to be minor, it is possible that you have sustained accident related injury diagnoses, including: whiplash; disc herniation/ radiculopathy; facet joint injury; carpal tunnel; and/or TMJ/Jaw injury.