There Was A Time When I Thought Business Success Was About Working the Hardest


There was a time when I thought business success was about working the hardest.

I was wrong.

Hard work is important, but not more important than mastering influencing skills and working smartest.

With the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past 30 years, I’ve been blessed to build four successful companies from start up.

The back bone of all of it has been learning to master communication dynamics with other human beings.

Contrary to popular belief, communication, sales and education are all one and the same.

This is so misunderstood by people, and this mistake is a critical limiting factor on why people are not more powerful influencers.

Education, sales and communication all are a process of having a point of view or desire that you are communicating to another human being that you want to accept your point of view and take action on it.

Don’t believe me?

You are doing precisely that if you are:

  1. Selling pens;
  2. Teaching math;
  3. Asking someone out on a date;
  4. Telling someone you love them;
  5. Meeting a potential strategic partner and/or referral source; 6. Talking to a teen about not smoking or using drugs;
  6. Coaching a sports team;
  7. Encouraging a friend to believe in him or herself;
  8. Working with two people involved in a conflict: and;
  9. Sharing a sermon in Church.

The list goes on forever.

What we will be doing on October 30, 2014, for the first time ever at the Callagy Business Mastery Club, is presenting you with all four steps, in detail, with our special way of making sure you remember and be able to use these four steps, with integrity, to make your business and life, far more effective in terms of meeting your next level of goals and outcomes.

I currently have a 120 person law firm that I am privileged to own and manage.

I used these skills to build it, run it and grow it.

I had a forty person law firm when I was thirty years old that I built.

I’ve never heard of another 30 year old ever building a forty person law firm from scratch.

I did it through using this process.

Please, for your benefit, come and accept this gift.

We are selling NOTHING.

So, why do I do this?

  1. I love to give:
  2. It makes me sharper and more accountable to my own beliefs:
  3. I get to train my own team at the same time:
  4. We all, collectively, get to meet more new and great people: and 5. I get to have fun with my best friend, Ben Burton, another super successful entrepreneur, who is my co-host.

I’ve never had anyone attend and say they’ve seen anything like it.

I’ve also never had anyone tell me it wasn’t a massively valuable use of their time.

People have told me I’m foolish for giving this away.

We all have gifts. This communication process may be my greatest gift.

People tell me all the time they think:

  1. I am clairvoyant (I am not):
  2. I can read minds (I cannot, at least not in the way they are thinking):
  3. I can convince anyone to do anything (I cannot unless it is good for them!):
  4. I have a better program than anything they’ve ever seen or heard of:
  5. People are crazy for not attending CBMC.

I challenge you to attend on October 30, 2014 AND to bring 3 guests.

Put it on your calendar now, please, and invite your guest immediately.

Do not procrastinate.  You will lose this incredible opportunity in the busy day you have.

Take action now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on October 30th at our offices 650 From Road, Paramus, New Jersey.

Don’t forget to reserve your space online here.

In your service,

Sean Callagy