Attention Business Warriors

Attention Business Warriors

To all you business warriors out there,

This week, someone did me, and the world a big favor.

They said to one of their teammates, another employee of Callagy Law, “Oh, you drank the Kool-Aid.”

It has set me on fire.

It has been like a snow ball rolling down hill that has turned into an avalanche.

What it has done, is ignite me to battle for what I believe in and make three critical decisions.

My anger isn’t just for me, it is for you, and everyone who believes in what I believe in.

I believe in people. I believe in truth, justice and the American way.

I believe in believing. I believe in God. I believe in right and wrong and good and evil.

I believe in the human spirit and its ability to create results that change the world.

I believe in America and that we have yet to see her greatest day.

I also believe in teaching and sharing principals with all people, especially my loved ones and teammates at Callagy Law and the Callagy Business Mastery Club, the principals that will help them succeed.

I further believe that it is horrific that the world of darkness and cynicism has been allowed to use a phrase from one of the saddest and most horrific atrocities ever committed to label positive thinking, motivation and personal development as some type of “cult thinking.”

What a fraud they’ve been allowed to pull off.

And, they are winning.

Watch the news. Watch television. Read the newspaper.

It is a world full of focusing on the negative, the dark, the sad and the cynical.

For every horror story, there are thousands of good stories everywhere, every day.

So yes, when someone refers to positive leadership as “Kool-Aid” it makes me sick, and more importantly, enraged to action.

So, here are my three decisions:

1. I will stop hiding. I believe I’ve been hiding from people for a long time to get along and have them be comfortable around me. Enough of that. God didn’t put me here to hide my talent, he put me here to:

2. Tell people the truth that will take them from where they are to where they want to go. I’ve realized that by allowing people to do less and give them a pat on the back and a trophy is doing them a gross disservice.

3. I’m going to spread the word and find and associate with people like me. I now have people close to me who are like this and I will find more who are or want to be like this and we will help one another.

Maybe it is one percent of this country. Maybe, it is ten percent.

Whatever it is, I’m committed to working with like minded people to make that number grow.

To help people believe in themselves and what’s possible again.

I am ashamed to say that it was something negative that motivated me to this level. My daily interactions with people and the world should have been enough.

Regardless, I am thankful for the head space this has put me in.

In my journey to find tools to arm me for each day, I came across an incredible video.

When you are about to walk onto the field of battle watch this video.

If it gets you ready to take your rightful place in the world, then you are a “Kool-Aid” drinker, just like me.

In fact, pass me a pitcher brother!

Why? Because I AM A CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it doesn’t move you, keep hiding and making fun of the rest of us who make our world and nation work!

And then ask yourself, who am I?

Go forward and march today and kick some A!

Sean Callagy

1 thoughts on “Attention Business Warriors

  1. George says:

    ZONE Action is always doing the most efficient thing possible at the moment. Maverick mindset by Dr. John Elliott talks about the training versus trusting mindset. We are constantly in training mode we wake up and go to sleep will also always in the training mindset ,learning what it takes to get the job done .processing processing that information , bogged down by emails,paperwork administration, workflow charts, Spreadsheet But the action is execution so action is trusting mindset. It’s taking what we’ve learned and applying it but not overthinking the process. I can only speak for myself, but when it comes to conveying my unique identity, I spent too much time focusing on what I’m going to say. Just say it.! When I first started my insurance business I started off on fire and then I hit a plateau, a fellow by the name of Michael Robbins To the side he said to me George stop wearing about the process stop wearing about the process & just be yourself. and it changed my career.

    So being yourself is the trusting mindset. We need to stop worrying about our commercial or the process of how I have to deliver it, just be yourself….

    I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am worthy, I believe in me. I am in control! I am a champion!

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