CBMC- Rescheduled to April 30th

CBMC- Rescheduled to April 30th

Business Mastery Club Friends and Future Friends,

Happy Holidays!

A lot of folks can’t make it due to the Holidays and Spring Break schedules.

We are looking for a huge meeting and going to push the date back to Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to give people time and notice.

Challenge yourself to bring at least one business owner with you. We want to spread the word and help other people.


We need to get to 200 people in attendance for the Callagy Business Mastery Club this month, April 30, 2014.

We’ve given a lot here. We are only asking for everyone to bring two people this month, with a free $1,000 dollar value coaching session with me for the person who brings the most, if it’s at least four.

These have to be NEW guests. That means they have not attended previously.

People are getting amazing results, continue with, or join into, the momentum for your business and you!!

We are working together to learn, become more accountable by being around like minded people and take consistent measurable zone action towards producing our results.

We are not networking, or socializing, although some of that happens.

In fact, we are building in a strategic relationship development element for April 30th.

You do NOT want to miss this.

Reserve Your Seats Today! Or call 201.261.1700

We want more and more positive, energetic, integrity filled people meeting others like them.

Remember: This is about ONE RESULTS SYSTEM.

AND, people are getting results that are tremendous from applying what they are learning.

Also, please keep in mind:

1. I want to keep making “our” Club Better;
2. We need to continue to spread the word. If only a 100 business people are in the room, then millions are missing out;
3. Opportunity and Zone Action Step for You: We will accelerate if we get more people involved and focused, and it will help you break through your comfort zone.
4. Also, if you have any ideas of organizations with whom we should be connecting with to invite their members to attend, or for businesses we should invite or speakers to bring in, please let me know.

Could there possibly be a better way to build rapport or bond with a client or prospective client?

Remember the system can only work if you learn it, apply it consistently, and eventually master it.

No hype. I mean it. A new portion to what we are doing is going to dramatically help everyone with implementation, accountability and creating powerful strategic pipelines.

You do not want to miss this.

The value that you will be missing out on is massive.

RSVP To Reserve Your Seat Today! Or call 201.261.1700

I can also tell you, my renewed deeper commitment to the material we are sharing is having an awesome impact on my businesses as well.

I have many new clients, better internal coaching and training and two tremendous new business innovations since we began our journey together in January.

Dr. Ben Burton has shared similar benefits in his life and business.

We are offering a free one hour coaching session with me, a $1,000 dollar value, to the person who brings the most guests (over 5 to qualify) to the April meeting, along with a 5 minute speaking opportunity at the next meeting.

You’d have to be nuts not to take advantage of this completely free opportunity to grow your business, your pipeline and your mind into what is possible.

I truly believe this is an indispensable tool for business owners AND it will not be free in 2015!

My motives are to truly help others and in return help myself by disseminating this business knowledge that I know works because I have proven it in my own businesses. The value just naturally returns for us.

The details of the next Callagy Business Mastery Club meeting, our fourth, are the same as the others.

Wednesday April 30, 2014.

Doors will open at 4:30pm and we will be serving a light dinner. The program will begin promptly at 5pm.

The meeting once again will be held at our offices at the Mack-Cali Centre II, 650 From Road, Paramus, NJ.

We are going to have 200 people.

Please send this e-mail and personally invite 10 guests. If we all do that, we will crush it and all benefit under our new system for accelerating accountability and strategic relationship development.

Please RSVP to Jeanne at inquiries@callagylaw.com or call 201.261.1700 to reserve your seats.

Also, please connect with us on LinkedIn! And become a connection with me personally as well, Click Here!

Below take a look at what attendees are saying about the Callagy Business Mastery Club meetings.

Reserve Your Seats Today! Or call 201-261-1700 ext. 181

If you have already reserved your seat and can not make the next date on April 30th, please let us know.

Hope to see you there!

In your service,
Sean Callagy

“It was both enjoyable & interactive.”
Heather Markowski – Posh Adornments

“He changed/changing my life!”
Rey Rostami – Aflac

“Inspiring, keep up the passionate good work!”
Robert Solimano – UBS Financial Services

“I felt that the presentation was very professional. On a first meeting, creating emotional rapport is truly important in establishing a good working relationship.”
Ken Bald – Allied Neurology Interventional Pain Practice

“He makes it simple plus challenges to think and listen.”
Kristen Abate – UBS Family Wealth Management

“A totally convincing presentation that will leave you highly motivated and eager to gain the full benefit offered by Sean’s personal and business growth system.”
Andrew Slowinski – Callagy Law

“Thank you very much for the value provided and the time that you gave.”
Jonathan Godin – Aflac

“Great content amazing speakers! Sean’s system is simple, brilliant and real!”
Konstantin Zaliznyak – Anchor Associates

“I loved the positive energy, the open-minded atmosphere, and the endless encouragement and opportunity for growth!”
Cindy Mosley – Chicory Café

“Open my eyes to the effectiveness of caring for your clients.”
Alex Aponte – No Limit Air

“Fantastic Sean Rules! Ben too!”
David McKenna – Good Tidings

“I’ve attended many, many seminars and reads lots of books, but no one has ever broken it down into such a tangible system”
Gregg Hasenfus- Milestone Property Group

“Valuable content. This content will double or triple your business in the next 12 months”
Michael Pane – Aflac

“Sean is the type of speaker when you feel blessed to have met and listened to a true role model”
Val Schultz – Anchor Associates

“I’m learning how to make emotional connections”
Ralph C. Hansen – The Caring Coach

“Can’t wait to practice what we learned”
Tom Colletti – Minuteman Press

“Sean is a great educator, but most importantly he is sincere about wanting to help those he’s in contact with”
Paul Platek – Family Wealth Management

“I found Sean to be very knowledgeable in business, very interesting, and excited for next month. This will help me tremendously, thank you Sean & Ben”
Dana Perone – Ray & Danas InManAuto Care

“Eye-opening and immensity valuable! Sean is very genuine and is truly passionate about educating others and paying it forward”
Dr. Michelle Tawil – Tawil Psyshical Therapy and Sports Performance

“A better focus on the challenges of success. Clarifying the simplicities of the steps”
Dr. Alan Pine – NJ Wellness PC

“Extremely Intelligent clear business mind that simplifies the steps to success in a adjustable & detonable fashion”
Ben Willig – Anchor Associates – Odyssey Realty

“Sean & Ben were both great communicators, a testimony itself to our discussion today on communication. A must attend event for North Jersey business owners”
Quentin Unsworth – Groundswell Contracting

Are you kidding? Even better than last time? I left inspired, pumped, self assured and ready to “CRUSH IT” Thank you!
David McKenna, President

Value added services from a law firm?…YES!

Sean along with the philanthropic Dr. Ben generously offer their time and treasure once monthly by conducting the Callagy Business Mastery Club, where we develop our unique identity, practice new skills, shake off our limiting beliefs, model ourselves, focus on our “why”, shift away from our fears and take Zone Action towards our goals!

Afterwards, I leave feeling inspired, pumped, self assured and ready to “CRUSH IT” This incredible club is open to all in business and is FREE! The time to start is now so sign up today!

Thank you to everyone in this fabulous law firm for going above and beyond. For me, you are truly a gift from Above.

I’m honored to be a client and blessed to have this awesome team by my side.
David McKenna – American Specialty/Good Tidings Comfort

“I came not knowing what to expect. Within the first 10 minutes of Sean speaking, I was floored! He was exhorting us as business owners to apply and achieve! “
Alicia Rodman- Possibilities for moms.com

“Sean’s speaking events are truly awesome! I don’t fear anymore that I may not achieve my goals. I know and have great confidence with Sean’s system that I will definitely achieve anything I want in the future.”
Dana Perrone- Inman Auto care.com

“I always feel great when I leave the session. Sean inspires me to better. The Sean gives real, practical common sense advice that I believe work!”
Tom Colletti – Minuteman press of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ minutemanpress.com

“Sean – positive, affirmative, reinforcing of logic and common sense.”
Bill McGee- Aflac

“Sean Callagy is clear, concise and easy to understand. His teachings are priceless!”
Matt Lasala- Acorn financial

“Sean connects to you on a personal level. He understands and gets you involved. He enables you to see the benefits of the process set forth and where you could be if you followed them.”
Keon Morris- Anchor Associates

“Sean nailed it! In a few short weeks I’ve implemented Sean’s teaching and seeing fantastic results in my business. Thank you Sean!!!”
Michael Pane- Aflac

“Once again Sean blew my mind! The level of service that I now provide to my clients is unprecedented. All this due to just caring about the people I call clients.”
Alexander Aponte- No Limit Air

“Sean Callagy is the most energizing and passionate person I know. He makes you want to be a better person and business owner!”
Kristen Abate- UBS Financial Services

“Sean exudes confidence and positivity and allows you to find it in yourself while confronting yourself and your fears.”
John DiCairano- John A. DiCaicano

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