Challenge Yourself: Get to Know YOU Better – Callagy Law

Challenge Yourself: Get to Know YOU Better – Callagy Law

Self-Management Begins With Self Awareness


I couldn’t wait to go to Catalina Island. I had heard it was an amazing place filled with marine life and beautiful kelp forests.

It was June, 1997 and I was headed to San Diego, California for a lawyer’s educational seminar and convention, with my dive bag filled with my scuba equipment.

My chiropractor, Chuck Berg, who I had known since I was 13, knew I wanted to build my own law practice and suggested I read Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within.

Dr. Berg, with his office in River Vale, NJ, is an amazing man. When you walk into his office, it’s a bit like going to see Yoda from Star Wars. He is kind, peaceful and full of wisdom that makes you think.

I respect Dr. Berg tremendously, so I got the book and brought it with me. This trip, though for me, was much more about scuba than, self help books or legal education.

On my plane ride to San Diego, I started reading the book.

Immediately, I was profoundly impacted by one thought: Do people want to get better?

I also heard in that work, to the best of my recollection, and in later audio programs I listened to, that the vast majority of people never finish, and many never even open personal development or self help programs or books that they purchase.

Well, that trip to San Diego changed my life. I decided I would never be one of “those people,” which was made up of “most people.”

I started writing my goals, exploring and challenging myself and figuring out who and what I wanted, and most importantly, “why?”

I never made it to Catalina Island on that trip. In fact, to this day, I’ve still never been there. I never even put on a bathing suit on that entire trip, which may be the only time in my life I traveled to a beach and didn’t go into the water.

To this day, though, it was the most important trip of my life.

That trip changed the future of my career, which is still growing and evolving as I write this blog in a way that remains directly connected to June, 1997.

So, this weekend, when a friend was over, on Thanksgiving morning about 6a.m., we were talking about life and people, and he said that he thought, “99 percent of people really don’t want to get better.”

I disagreed.

We went back and forth a bit. What he meant was, “most people either don’t want to get better OR simply won’t do the work to get better.”

Then, I was rereading Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink over the weekend.

It’s a great work. One of the studies from a prominent psychological researcher Gladwell cites, is an experiment in which strangers who walked into someone’s bedroom for 15 minutes were more accurate in describing characteristics like conscientiousness, among others, of people THAN THE PERSON’S CLOSE FRIENDS.

The study was amazing.

The strangers never even met the subject, yet they knew the subject better than their friends after ONLY seeing a tiny slice of their life for 15 minutes.

I was blown away. The studies Gladwell cites throughout the book are mind blowing.

One thought: when we become emotionally involved in things, we lose our objectivity. We don’t, however, lose our confidence that we know the answer, even if we don’t.

Thus, if our starting place for producing our results and dreams is our Self-Management through Self-Awareness, then we have a bit of a challenge:  We don’t really know ourselves.  At least, in certain ways we may not be honest with, and/or have a distorted perspective of ourselves.

I do believe we can substantially remedy this challenge.

So, let’s start with a simple question for this week: Do you want to get better?

I mean, overall in life, or in any specific way, do you want to improve yourself?

I would greatly appreciate responses either by commenting or directly e-mailing me. Again, my e-mail is

Please, please respond immediately. It can be as simple as a “yes” or “no”. You are welcome to elaborate as much as you like, including describing “why”.

I look forward to hearing from you.

On another note, I hope you read our Thanksgiving message and have begun the greatest year of your life!

Personally, we slayed yet another chocolate Turkey, without injury to any child I might add, and we were blessed to have another wonderful family Thanksgiving.

Have an awesome day, and please let me know your answer NOW!

In your service,

Sean Callagy

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