The Truth that Drives Human Behavior

The Truth that Drives Human Behavior

Think of the person that inspires you the most in the world.

Whether it’s a parent, family member, coach, athlete, teacher, entertainer, friend, writer, fictional character, legend or anonymous “do gooder” on the news, they all have something in common.

And you have something in common with them as well.

Think of the moments in your own life that make you the most proud?

Those people, and you at your best, are “Examples of Possibility.”

What is an example of possibility?

How could a 427 pound man fly?

These are questions we will answer.

I had to think about where to start my Blogging. Yes, Blog is now a verb.

After a week of writing and thinking of ten different places to begin, I thought there was no better place then talking about what truly drives much of the best of human behavior as well as draws out the best and deepest feelings from those fortunate enough to encounter IT.

The IT is being an Example of Possibility.


Think about when you watch a movie or a game or hear about someone doing something absolutely incredible or just plain old nice and special.

How do you feel?

When at its most intense, you most likely feel moved, motivated, emotional, excited, joyful, hopeful, electrified, touched, connected, special, light, free, delirious and many other powerful positive emotions.

Think of how those connected to it go wild over a super bowl victory, a world series championship, a high school soccer championship for their son or daughter, a Bruce Springsteen concert, a war hero saving his brothers on the battle field, the end of a powerful movie about overcoming great odds and adversity, a donor saving a charity helping young disabled children, a 50th wedding anniversary between two beloved and special people, or simply a caring person ask a person who looks to be in pain, “Are you ok?”

An example of possibility is someone that is a living, breathing example to others of the best of what is possible in life.

It is a person or a group of people that make us feel that magic inside that inspires, motivates, makes us smile and touches us in the deepest and best parts of us.

Examples of possibility touch our heads, our hearts and even our souls.

In our culture, we are most commonly inspired by examples of possibility on the athletic fields, but these people exist everywhere.

Think of the movie Miracle and the true story behind it.

At a time when the United States has lost its step and people had largely forgot how to believe, a group of college kids pulled off what many people consider, including me, to be the greatest sports upset in the history of the world.

It stands as the equivalent of a basketball team made up of college players from China playing together for nine months beating the Dream Team of Michael Jordan and company IF that Dream Team had played together as a unit for 10 years straight.

Going into the game, there was absolutely ZERO chance they could win.

BUT, they did.

Those young men and Coach Herb Brooks are, and will forever be, Examples of Possibility to millions of people.

In fact a number “80″ Jersey signed by every member of that team hangs in my home to remind me of what’s possible when dreams are reduced to a plan that is executed with ferocious relentless consistency.

Every time I hear some sports prognosticator rant about how bad some underdog is going to do in a game, I think of our boys changing the world in 1980. At a time when America had lost virtually all hope, they reminded us that we love to believe anything is possible. AND, we love it even more when the impossible actually happens, which it does every day in the amazing world in which we live.

For today, take five minutes and write down your top 3 examples of possibility and how they make you feel.

Make the words touch your heart and soul.

Do not simply write: They are awesome.

Go deeper.

For example: for me, The 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team makes me remember that I can overcome any challenge no matter how long the odds, and be better for it. When I think of the incredible sacrifice they made for a complete long shot and total unknown, it makes me feel that my problems are a joke that I should be thankful for. I feel motivated and inspired to take massive action in the face of any challenges that I will, with ethics and integrity, battle until I conquer.

See the difference?

This “to do” stuff is optional. We will talk about it later, in a week or two.

Even if you don’t write, which would be better, think about it.

Then, do the same things for your top 3 moments of your own life that make you feel the most proud.

Tomorrow, we will find out the answers to two questions:

What does A 427 POUND MAN flying over a car have to do with the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team?

How can the answer change the trajectory of your life?

For today, be and shine like a powerful, loving, caring, Example of Possibility to all of those around you.

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