Workers’ Compensation Settlement Delays

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What is the largest delay in workers compensation settlements?


Workers' Compensation Settlement Delays We had a client reach out to us the other day and they were curious as to what the biggest delays were when it comes to worker’s comp settlements. There are a lot of delays that can occur. The largest one that we are faced with, however, is opposing counsel and their inability to communicate with the adjustors in order to reach a settlement resolution. We also have delays sometimes when it comes to the petitioner’s underlying claim. If there are issues that still need to be resolved and cannot be resolved immediately, we’re going to have to wait on the underlying claim to be resolved in order for us to be able to reach a settlement. There are also some delays that occur when it comes to getting proofs from the providers that can be used to determine UCR. UCR proofs are very important, and they are the way that we support our position in that we show the judge, opposing counsel, and the adjustors that the reimbursement should be what we say it should be. With that being said, these delays are pretty easy to overcome. If you or anybody else has any questions or would like more information about settlements, any delays, or worker’s comp in general, please feel free to contact us.

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