When to Involve an Attorney After Mismanaged Funds

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When is the right time to bring in an attorney when funds are being mismanaged?


When to Involve an Attorney After Mismanaged Funds At times, we are approached and asked a really important question – “When is the right time to bring in an attorney?” Most of the time it comes in the context of people in smaller companies, maybe minority shareholders inside of a company, who are worried about costs and are conscious of when the right time is to bring in an attorney and what they should be dealing with themselves. The answer to the question is you’d be surprised at how much a qualified attorney that is caring, urgent and aggressive can bring to the table in terms of those disputes. They can give you optics and awareness of things that you’re not even thinking about in terms of those disputes.

Yes, it could be cost, but cost is variable. You don’t need to hire an attorney and give them $50,000 or $25,000, or $10,000, or even $5,000 to do anything for you. An initial consultation with an attorney, potentially a small engagement where they absorb some information from you and are able to give you some optics on a couple of issues that you may not have optics on can actually give you a lot of insight into certain portions of businesses at a very, very low rate. If the dispute, however, starts to evolve, attorneys, especially those that are qualified and skilled, can do a tremendous job of deescalating situations. That’s their intention, and you have to be mindful of that. They can deescalate a situation and are trained in conflict and dispute resolution, which doesn’t mean the filing of a lawsuit, doesn’t mean an angry demand letter. It could be a telephone call.

One of the greatest gifts we have at Callagy Law is to deescalate those disputes. That’s what you want to look for in an attorney, not the person who’s a war monger, who’s going to be ultra and inappropriately aggressive. You want a person who cares about you, who wants to get you a unique and efficient result quickly, that they act with urgency, understanding the same need that you have, to produce a result quickly, but that they’re appropriately aggressive, meaning they only escalate when needed and the outcome should be to end all disputes and conflicts and have a go-forward strategy for you that produces a wonderful result.

That’s what you should be thinking about. That’s what you should be looking for. Don’t be afraid of speaking to an attorney because of costs or concern or that they’re going to war monger or somehow escalate the situation. You want a skilled attorney that’s caring, urgent and aggressive and is going to produce that unique and efficient result for you. You should talk to them early and often and see what they can do in terms of conflict and dispute resolution for you.

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