When to Involve an Attorney After Business Partner Disputes

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Our startup has grown substantially and we’re starting to have disagreements; When is the right time to bring in an attorney?


When to Involve an Attorney After Business Partner Disputes We were recently contacted by a client. He was involved in a startup that has expanded substantially in terms of operations, revenue, and the next evolution was upon them. There was a lot of uncertainty wrapped up inside of the situation. There were some disputes and disagreements. Nothing had escalated to the point where there was a complete breakdown, but the client asked, “When is the right time to bring in an attorney when that begins to happen?” The answer is immediately.

The reason why that’s the case is that the minute you are out of agreement, and you don’t have absolute agreement, and the expectations are set and there’s clear understandings about who’s doing what and what’s going to happen, you have disagreement. When you have disagreement, you have conflict and dispute; left unchecked, it’s like a cancer inside the system that will eventually multiply. Resentment is going to get built up, and, once that resentment turns to frustration and anger, that’s when you have a complete breakdown in terms of relationships. Sometimes they can be brought back, but most of the time they’re irreparably harmed as a result of it.

What you want is an attorney that is highly qualified, caring, urgent and appropriately aggressive to bring everything back to the table, to make sure that everybody’s story is in alignment. This person doesn’t believe this, and this person doesn’t believe that. Expectations are set so that this person doesn’t have this expectation or that person doesn’t have that expectation. Everything gets boiled down to agreements with clear deliverables, clear quantifiable outcomes that are supposed to be hit. When you have that absolute agreement, that’s when the relationships are most intact and that’s how you get to success.

Nobody ever fights over the startup that failed. It’s the startup that’s worth a fortune; that’s where the real disputes begin to happen. If you are so lucky as to have that problem, congratulations, but you need an attorney very early on to make sure that everything is in alignment. The faster you begin to push that train, going from 50 miles an hour to 100 miles an hour, any misalignment in the track is going to lead to that potential future derailment. You need to make sure that track is beautiful, laid perfectly with clear expectations, so that when you throttle up to 200 miles an hour and turn this thing into a bullet train, it is flying, it is smooth, and it is fast. The only way you do that is when you have complete optics on all the things that you need to have in alignment with your core partnership agreements, with your relationships, the interpersonal dynamics that are at play. Attorneys who are qualified and have done this before, countless times, are probably the best, most skilled professional that you can use to make sure that you get into that alignment.

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