When Divorce Mediation Fails

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What happens if a divorce mediation doesn’t work?


When Divorce Mediation Fails A lot of times a client will come to us and ask about the divorce mediation process. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution. We use it frequently and encourage clients to use it. It is efficient and, most of the time, it is much more cost-effective than the litigation and the judicial avenue for your divorce process.

Mediation doesn’t always work, however, and we’re very clear with clients upfront about that. We can go to mediation and just not work it out. Sometimes, the positions are so opposite and so entrenched that mediation can’t resolve it. In that case, then you’re left with the judicial process, you’re left with litigation; you’re left with putting the decisions in the hands of a judge to make a decision on your custody, alimony or child support, whatever the issues are in the case. If mediation fails, you go to either the judicial intervention process, the litigation process, or you can go to arbitration as well, in which case you’re hiring a private arbitrator to make the decisions for you based upon the facts and circumstances of your case and the case law that applies therein.

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