What To Bring To a Business Litigation Consultation

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What should you bring to a business litigation consultation?


What To Bring To a Business Litigation Consultation We’re sometimes approached by perspective clients asking what they should bring with them to an initial consultation. The answer to that is it depends on the type of case that you’re dealing with. In almost every single case that you are thinking about bringing, that is being brought against you, there’s a couple of things that are absolutely critical. In the context of commercial business disputes, in large part, the contracts or agreements that you have are going to control those relationships. Having access to them, having read through them very carefully so that you understand them, and having them handy with you is probably one of the most important things that you can do because a lot of the interactions and a lot of the law is going to be based on what those contracts say.

If you don’t have contracts, don’t worry. A lot of our clients don’t have contracts because they get into relationships with handshakes. In the “honeymoon period” of their relationships, they think everything is going to be going great, and that happens with entrepreneurs. They’re not very risk-averse. They’re looking for opportunities, so maybe sometimes you don’t really document everything. The law sometimes creates default rules for that, so don’t necessarily worry about that.

One of the most important things to say is you think that there’s facts that are super important, which are not really all that important, and then there’s facts that you think are not important that are really important. Try to bring a real objective recitation of what the facts actually were, how things started, how they evolved, where things went wrong, and be honest and integrous about why you think things went off the rails, in terms of your relationship, or that brought you to the nature of the dispute. Those two things are going to make up 85% of the things that you need inside of a litigation.

The emails and documents that you think are important may or may not be, so don’t worry about inundating your attorney with sending a bunch of those things. Have that narrative. Have those documents ready to go. Bring them into the consultation, and you’re going to get some really high-quality advice from an attorney who is caring, aggressive, and ready to produce results for you.

If there’s anything that you ever need from me, or if there’s any other questions I can answer, you can reach out to me. My name is Michael Smikun. I’m a litigation partner here at Callagy Law.

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