Understanding Alimony in New Jersey

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What’s important to know about alimony in New Jersey?


Understanding Alimony in New JerseyAlimony is spousal support. In many cases in New Jersey, the higher earning spouse will be obligated to pay the lower earning spouse alimony or spousal support. There are many factors involved in determining whether any case is an alimony case, including the ability to pay of the higher earning spouse, the needs of the lower earning spouse, and the standard of living of the marriage. Another huge factor in determining alimony is the length of the marriage. For instance, in marriages lasting less than 20 years, it is usually in a term alimony case and the alimony is paid for a number of years, or a term. In cases where the marriage is 20 years or more in duration, that is called open durational alimony, which is our version of permanent alimony, which can then be modified or terminated if there’s a change of circumstances, the biggest one of which is usually retirement. Alimony is a very complex area of the law, and it is very important that you know your rights, both if you’re the paying spouse or the receiving spouse, and that you consult with an attorney who knows exactly the ins and outs of the statutes and what arguments can be made to either receive or not pay or pay as little as possible alimony. Again, if you have any questions regarding spousal support or any other family law issues, please either email or call us and we will guide you through the process.

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