Suing For Breach of Verbal Contract

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Can I sue for breach of a verbal contract?


Suing For Breach of Verbal Contract We’re often asked by perspective clients, “Hey, I didn’t have a written agreement with a person, but we orally agreed to do certain things. Can I sue on that?” The answer is almost definitely yes. There are certain types of contracts that cannot be stated verbally or orally, and every state usually has them completely; they’re, like, codified. They’re inside of the statutes, and it’s usually subject to something called a statute of frauds. For example, transactions involving land or the sale of goods in excess of $500 in most states cannot be by way of oral agreement, but the vast majority of other agreements can be done by oral contract. The answer is, yes, you absolutely can sue.

The causes of action are something that are referred to either implied contracts, contracts implied in law, or quasi contracts. There are all of these vehicles that are available to you if you had an oral agreement, if you had some type of verbal acknowledgment that somebody was going to do something in exchange for something else, and you can sue on those. Now, they’re much more difficult cases than when you have a nice, expressed contract, so we highly advise you in the future to try not to take people at their word on things, and you really want to reduce things to writing just to make sure that expectations are being met, that there’s quantifiable deliverables, and that everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing.

In the event you didn’t do that, no judgments. we have a lot of clients that do a lot of business on oral contracts. You actually can sue on them, and you can be vindicated, and you can get justice for a breach of that oral contract. If you have any questions about this or anything else, call us right away. We are here to answer your questions.

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