Steps After an Arbitration Demand

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I’ve been served with an arbitration demand; What are my next steps?


Steps After an Arbitration Demand Whenever you are served with an arbitration demand, one of the first questions that you may have in the beginning is what arbitration is. Is arbitration the same as mediation? Is arbitration the same as a lawsuit? What’s going on? Just as a little bit of background, a lawsuit is when you are in the court system. When you’re seeing Law & Order, for example, they are in the court system, and a lawsuit has been initiated.

About 50 to 60 years ago, there was an alternative dispute resolution, that’s what it’s called, ADR, alternative dispute resolution, which said let’s avoid lawsuits and some of the detriments to maybe a lawsuit that may have because usually they could take two or three years. We’ll have these alternative dispute resolution systems which, hopefully, ideally, would take a little bit shorter and could be a little bit less costly. Arbitration means that you are going to have an arbitrator render a decision on your dispute, much like a judge. The arbitrator, however, is going to be rendering a binding decision, unlike mediation. Mediation is usually not binding.

As a typical example, let’s use a car accident. Someone hit you from behind with their car, arbitration was initiated and you’re trying to figure out who was responsible for the car accident, who owes who what. An arbitrator can render a decision saying person A owes person B $25,000 and that is a binding decision, much like a judge renders the decision. Meditation, same thing, person A owes person B $25,000 but the mediator decision is not binding which means you could initiate a lawsuit and you can take that piece of paper and throw it in the trash if you want. Most of the time, mediators use law for trying to get to the party to a negotiation table. Person B says you owe me $25,000. Give me $15,000 and we’ll call this dispute over.

That’s just a little bit of the background about what arbitration even is. Once you are served with an arbitration demand, much like you are served with a complaint, you have time to answer this arbitration demand. As covered in previous videos or may have spoken with your attorneys, you have a set amount of time to answer the arbitration demand. You may want to do a whole host of things. You may want to reach out to the other side, see if you can settle it, bring the other party.

One of the things that’s very different about an arbitration, however, is you may object to the jurisdiction of the arbitrarial body, which means you don’t want to be in arbitration and think you should be in a lawsuit. You want this case in front of the judge in that scenario. It’s actually one of the benefits you have right at the beginning of the arbitration. Typically, you’re served with the arbitration demand. You have a whole host of options. Rejecting the jurisdiction of the arbitrator, maybe you want to go to mediation, maybe you want to go to the court system, and of course, you have a whole bunch of options in between.

Hopefully, it gives you a little bit of a background about what arbitration is, the things that you can do. If you have any more questions, feel free to call us at Callagy Law.

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