Responding To A Complaint If You’ve Been Sued

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I received a complaint, what do I do now?


Responding To A Complaint If You've Been Sued You have a lot of different options when you first get served with a complaint. The other day I was talking to a new client of mine and he had a friend. His friend had just recently been served with a complaint. His question that he relates to the friend who then of course relates to me is I’ve been served with a complaint. Now what? The answer is you have a lot of different options. Attorneys, your typical attorney is going to give you the drab normal advice. You have been served with a complaint. You have 35 days to answer. Answer how you answer a complaint, and you file to court. That technically is true, you actually have a whole panoply and a range of options that you want to do once you get served with a complaint. The number one thing that you want to think of is what is your outcome. Is your outcome to settle with the person who filed the complaint against you?

Take, for example, you’re a business owner and you have a contract to sell Aquafina water bottles. You delivered 100 Aquafina water bottles. The person who bought it off you turns around and sues you because he says that you only delivered 98 water bottles. This lawsuit is for a hypothetical $2. You’ve been served with the complaint. Do you want to just answer and say I deny all the allegations in the complaints and then go off into litigation? Do you want to say, you know what? That’s not even true. I not only served you or gave you 100 water bottles, I gave you 102 water bottles and in fact, you owe me $2 so then you want to bring a counter complaint against them. What you probably want to do is you always want to achieve a unique and efficient result. In this circumstance, maybe the emphasis is inefficient. Do you want to enter into a three or a four-year litigation? Is this a client that you’ve had for four years, you have a really good relationship with them, they’re at your Christmas or Hannukah parties and you want to maintain that relationship? Maybe you just want to call the person up and say, hey, I got this complaint from you. I don’t know why you sued me and thought that I only delivered 98 water bottles. Here is an email, actually, from Tina, your warehouse manager, confirming that I gave you 100 water bottles. Maybe the entire suit is going to be over with just a phone call.

Again, you have a whole panoply of options. As always, consult with an attorney because you may think you only have one or two options when you may have ten. If you have any of these questions, feel free to call us. We’ll be happy to give you any legal advice or answer any questions you may have.

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