Personal Belongings After a Divorce

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What happens to my personal belongings if I get divorced?


Personal Belongings After a Divorce In a divorce, personal belongings are assets, like bank accounts, like homes. They are subject to equitable distribution, which is the equitable or fair distribution of assets in your divorce. Typically, personal belongings such as clothes and minor items of jewelry and maybe some sports equipment are usually kept by the person who owns them, for instance, the husband in a typical case may keep his sports equipment and the wife may keep her jewelry. However, there are cases where these assets are worth a lot of money and are quite valuable and in those cases, they may need to get appraised and either equitably divided between the parties or a buyout. There have been a lot of cases I’ve been involved in where there are hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and that jewelry is subject to equitable distribution if it was purchased or acquired during the marriage and sometimes assets like those have to be appraised and then divided or at least set off with other assets. We’ve been involved in a case where also hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of sports memorabilia, again, needs to be appraised and equitably distributed. If you have any questions about any type of equitable distribution issues, including personal belongings, perhaps valuable items, feel free to give us a call and we can certainly guide you in the right direction.

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