Nicole Maiello

Executive Assistant / Wonder Woman

About Nicole

I have a true passion for life and helping people. This is just one reason I find working at Callagy Law ultimately fulfilling. Everything we do aligns with my life’s passion and purpose of making this world a kinder, more just, more joyful and overall better place to live in and loving every moment of doing it.

Fun Facts About Nicole

I have a true passion for life and every experience it has to offer. I have been fortunate enough to have some truly unique life experiences such as sky diving, flying planes and helicopters, driving tanks, bobsledding, experiencing zero gravity (if you attempt this please take Dramamine), swimming with sharks, feeding rhinos, participating in goat yoga, inventing reverse trick or treating (that’s when you go door to door and hand out candy instead of taking it), and have made a promise to myself to visit one new place and try one new thing each year. I also love underbaked cookies.


  • BA Communications – Richard Stockton University

Nicole’s Life at Callagy

I began my career at Callagy Law after responding to a very unique, eccentric and unorthodox employment ad that compared this job to working for a combination of Willy Wonka and Iron Man, exciting, adventurous and intriguing. It spoke of being treated with generosity and kindness provided I give the same, having true character, being a part of a greater cause and greater good, contribution, training, personal and professional growth and development and being appreciated and inspired. In reading the ad, it was so obvious that the owner deeply cared about his employees. The ad was so out of this world that a friend even suggested it was fake and insisted I report the company to the Better Business Bureau. I did not, however, report the ad. I eagerly applied!! I believed I’d found an employer whose values, creativity, unique way of thinking  and mission of a greater good and being a part of something  that could make the world and people’s lives better truly spoke to my heart. And to be honest I almost felt like the ad was written both to and for me. I’d never been more excited to go on an interview just to meet the people behind such a wonderful ad and company. And before I knew it I was right at home and a central part of an organization that I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of. Callagy Law has been like a second family and I’m so grateful to be working with and for such brilliant, caring and truly the exact people I’d want on my side if I needed an attorney.

I’m Sean Callagy’s Executive Assistant / Wonder Woman. Yes, that’s what my business card reads. I’m also captain of the party planning committee. I use my super human levels of empathy, compassion and drive to help this firm meet the needs of our clients, turn the impossible into possible and fix life for those whose lives have been turned upside down and altered by injustices, an accident or unfortunate circumstances. And I don’t stop until the mission has been met and our clients have peace in their lives and their hopes and dreams restored.

Callagy Law genuinely cares. These are very real people who believe in and fight for justice with passion every single day. We are fierce warriors. Where most firms see clients as dollar signs Callagy deeply cares about doing the right thing. We hold ourselves to higher standards and do not represent liars, rather we’re driven by our mission of bringing truth and justice through our caring, urgency and aggression. We passionately stand up for those who need a hero and heroics is a way of life here. We turn can’t into can and impossible into possible. Whether you’ve had your business stolen, have been defrauded by your significant other, have insurance companies stealing the money they owe you, had an accident that completely altered your life, this firm fixes life for you, gives you your hope and dreams back. At Callagy Law we don’t stop until justice has been served and lives have been changed. There is so very much that I love about being a part of this firm. I’m actually excited to come to work every day and incredibly proud of being part of a company that makes an unfair world more fair and just. Who wouldn’t love being part of that?

Everything about Callagy is different. We’re continually improving ourselves and our skills and meeting higher levels of excellence on a daily basis so that we can better serve our clients. The frequent trainings allow us to grow both personally and professionally, whereas at many companies it seems the only way to grow is by eating the free donuts in the break room. It’s so different at Callagy. The mission is our clients. And we don’t stop and don’t rest until each and every client has been brought justice in the highest sense. We make our clients’ problems our own. People enter Callagy Law as a client but leave as a friend and member of the Callagy family. It’s the best kinds of different.